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All your documents in one place

Document management

Managing the documents associated with any given construction job can be a pain; once a job exceeds a certain size, that document flow can become overwhelming. How do you keep track of it all, and make sure your whole team is synced up? If you cannot trust that your Dropbox is up to date, how can you truly know the status of any given project? Knowify’s document management tools can help.


Enjoy a central, organized, cloud-based document repository


Organize your documents by project and folders


Easily share documents with those that need them

Modal showing docs & pics available in the central repository | Document management | Knowify feature
Keep all your project documents together

One central repository

Knowify lets you store all your documents in a single place, ready to be accessed by any member of your team with the appropriate permissions. You can even create folders as needed to add an extra layer of organization. 

Staying organized

Automated record keeping

Keeping a job’s documents together, organized, and up to date is almost impossible if you have multiple people involved in project management. Maybe your client emailed back a signed change order; maybe a signed submittal went to someone else on the team. Email is siloed by design, and it’s inevitable that someone will forget to upload something to a shared Dropbox. Because Knowify is a fully integrated system, the second the change order, submittal, or other Knowify-generated document comes back, it’s available to be viewed in the Documents folder by anybody in your company (with the right access privileges). That means that staying synced up is easy, and there will never again be questions about whether the major documents are up-to-date.

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What Knowify users are saying about our document management system

“I can do it all from one system – it’s brought all the people in the business onto one platform”

Kristin Kunc

Office Manager, Serett Metalworks

“I found the software very easy to learn and use, with the best customer service I have ever experienced in software!”

Deborah Zippel

VP, Haddon Hill Group

View of the Photos & Documents section in the smartphone app | Document management | Knowify feature
Manage document access seamlessly

Advanced sharing capabilities

Access to documents is limited to those with [project management] privileges, ensuring that your employees won’t be seeing sensitive documents like bids unless you want them to. However, we also know that sharing documents can be very important. For example, maybe you received a detail drawing that will help your installers in the field. For situations like these (and many others), Knowify gives you the ability to select files in your Documents to share with your mobile users. That will allow make the file available immediately on Knowify’s mobile app, accessible by your field workers in only a few quick clicks.

Experience the Knowify difference

Meet a Knowify product expert on a video screenshare, where you’ll get help setting up your trial account, get your questions answered, and ensure you’re set up for success with Knowify.