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Control who sees profitability, pay rates, and accounting info

Your info, your way

With Knowify, you have total control over how business operations are structured and how information is shared, allowing you to keep important financial information and operational decisions in the hands of the right people.

Creation process of a custom workflow | Project management | Knowify features
Keep information our of the wrong hands

Secure your sensitive financial information

It’s your business, and you should have total control over who accesses what information. Knowify allows business owners to set precise restrictions on who sees specific information. Assign permissions by role, or at the individual employee level, and quickly make changes as needed.

Admin section displaying permission options available | Foreman view | Knowify feature
Abstraction of scheduling for both service and contract jobs | Scheduling and team management | Knowify features
Keep your teams on-task

Restrict project info and purchasing power

Keep your team focused by showing them only the jobs they’re actively working on. Set purchase approval limits for your teams based on their role, or at the individual employee level, and get alerted when someone tries to process a purchase above their set limit.

roll up Each Business’ Information to a single view

Manage complex business divisions from a single view

As your business scales, you’ll continue to delegate and may want unique Knowify accounts for every department or location of your business. With multiple account management, business owners get a master view of all accounts when they login, and can jump between each business division to better understand their performance.

Close up of our multi-company portal | Advanced workflows | Knowify features

“One of the main reason I went with Knowify instead of some of the competitors was the versatility, and the customization.”

Nathan Kohatsu

Owner, UK Electric

Build your business with confidence

Grow your construction business while keeping sensitive information out of the wrong hands – try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience next-level business control and organization for yourself.