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Powerful tools for modern contractors

CRM and proposals

Manage your sales pipeline from lead all the way to close in Knowify. Our e-signature capabilities will impress your clients and shorten your sales cycle.

Lead management

Manage the lead journey and sync up your sales team in Knowify’s CRM view, from lead to opportunity to bid to close.


Streamline your quoting process by leveraging branded templates, embedded catalog access, and a built-in e-signature process.

Custom templates

Knowify’s professionally-styled proposals will make you stand out, and can be fully customized to match your existing branding.

Project costing

See progress against labor, material, and subcontractor budgets as costs come in, either by line item of work or at the overall job level (depending on your needs). Never again wonder whether you’re ahead or behind budget on a job.

Job costing

Use the comprehensive understanding of job profitability Knowify provides to learn which kinds of jobs make you the most money, or where you might be consistently underbidding.

Time tracking

Capture employee labor costs however it is most convenient for you, including a mobile app with clock in/clock out.

Profitability and reporting

Track all aspects of your job costs in real time, and run powerful reports at the job level or across all of your jobs to tease out performance insights.

Project management

Knowify’s project management tools bring all aspects of your job into view in real time. Track work schedules, materials ordered and received, daily field logs, RFIs/submittals, and much more, all in a single system.


Create and send paperless purchase orders directly through Knowify. Track progress against budget and materials ordered/received.

Subcontractor management

Manage your subcontractors on each job, including their contracts, change orders, schedules, and bills.


Schedule your jobs and workers all in one place, and have those schedules transfer automatically to your employees’ mobile app.

Gantt charts

Capture time and dependencies for each phase of work.

Document management

Upload all job-related documents and have them in one place, shareable with your field workers via the mobile app (if needed).

and RFIs

Create submittals or RFIs as needed and easily capture your counterparty’s responses.

Change orders

Keep accurate control of all your project changes, including approval status, deadlines, and backup documentation.

Overall job management

Have one system that can help you stay on top of everything. Keep under control all your jobs, from budgeting and bidding to purchasing, time tracking, change order management, and more.

Communication with field/office & customers

Connect the office with your field crews with scheduling, messaging, and geolocation tools; impress your customers with your transparency and professionalism.

Mobile work

Access your business data from the phone, tablet, or laptop, and enable time, expense, and daily log tracking from the field.

Customer portal

Improve your customer communication and give your client access to contract/invoicing records and project progress.


Get your invoices out faster and bring unprecedented clarity and professionalism to your billing with Knowify’s invoicing tools.

Progress billing

Quickly compile then create and send professionally formatted progress invoices straight through Knowify.

AIA-style billing

Take the pain out of pay-apps with Knowify. With just a few simple inputs, Knowify can compile G702- and G703-style forms.

Online payments

Accelerate your cash collection cycle by sending electronic payment links with any of your invoices.