Ordering materials for your jobs is obviously one of the most important things you do every day in a contracting business. But given how central materials are to every construction project, the purchase process inevitably ends up being a major drain on administrative resources. Tracking which materials from the budget have been ordered, which have been received, which have been paid for on vendor bills, and more, can end up being a reconciliation nightmare.

No more. Use Knowify to keep your purchases under control.

Save time

If you’re like most contracting companies, you probably built out your materials list as part of the budgeting process when you prepared your bid. Wouldn’t it be great if your spreadsheet allowed you to just quickly check a few boxes and fire off a PO to the vendor? That’s exactly what our software lets you do! Selecting items from your budgeted list for ordering is super simple, and Knowify will instantly take your selections and prepopulate a purchase order PDF on your letterhead. Need to add something? Update quantities? No problem – Knowify’s PO system is flexible, too. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to email it to the vendor directly through the system. With Knowify, you’ll save time and run paperlessly.

Paperless purchasing

Knowify allows you to build Purchase Orders from your budget and send them to your vendors through the system (paperlessly!) with just a few simple clicks.

Powerful approval workflow

Knowify also offers built in purchasing approval for both POs and reimbursements. That means that you can have jobsite foremen request additional materials directly through the system, subject to your approval. It also means no more painful receipt tracking for reimbursements—just a simple entry in the mobile app for them and a quick “check” approval for you! You’ll be able to establish approval thresholds for your employees and the management hierarchy during setup. More visibility, more accountability, better record keeping—that’s Knowify!

From the office or from the the job site

Submit purchases on the go. If your crews have to advance money for any purchases, let them process the reimbursement request through their smartphones. The office will be notified right away and you’ll be able to review and accept the reimbursement.

Easy tracking

Then once the materials arrive, you can record that they’ve been received and reconcile the PO items against the vendor bill in less time than you ever thought possible. And since all of this is managed inside a single system, there’s no more reconciliation nightmare. Order status known. Time saved. Money saved. This is progress! This is Knowify.