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The path to winning more projects

Quoting and e-signature

Getting your quote to the customer ahead of your competitors will put you in advantage. Knowify’s powerful quoting system will allow you to quote faster and more accurately, increasing your win rate. It will also let you embed all your business knowledge so that when your estimator is not available, other people in your team can take over and avoid any business disruption or mistakes.


Produce quotes faster, leveraging your previous work


Leverage catalog templates and price listings


Optionally send your quotes for e-signature for a paperless process

Example of line item in a proposal and its breakdown | Quoting and e-signature | Knowify
Create a repetitive winning process

Streamlined quoting process

With Knowify, you’ll be able to put a quote together in minutes, with access to all the contact information, complete catalog system with prices and previous quotes. Knowify streamlines the process so that you don’t have to rely on just the one employee in the company that knows how to do it. With Knowify the knowledge is embedded so that anyone can produce a winning quote.

Make your business stand out

Branded documents

First impressions count. You can either send an old-school estimate that looks like an invoice to your customer, or a professional formatted proposal where you clearly lay out the work that will be performed, the list of exclusions and the terms of the agreement. Start off on the right foot and impress your customer from the first interaction.

Preview of a proposal with the breakdown and terms of agreement | Quoting and e-signature | Knowify

What Knowify users are saying about our quoting software

“This program has literally changed the way that I do business. It has organized my bidding process and job tracking in a way that I did not believe possible.”

President, MPC Plumbing and Heating

“After learning more about Knowify I can move easily between it’s functions. It makes quoting simple and efficient.”

Sara Ciccolini

Project and Sales Manager, Garage Door Store

E-signature portal to approve a proposal online | Construction management software | Knowify
Switch to paperless mode

Built-in e-signature

Send the quote via email instantly and track when the customer receives it and opens it. Give the customer access to a portal where they will be able to accept, reject, or request changes. The easier you make it for them to accept, the more projects you win. Relying on a paper-based process might be what you are used to, but not what the customer is expecting moving forward.

View of our lead management section with 4 stages to track new leads | Quoting and e-signature | Knowify
Keep all your quotes together

Quote pipeline and status tracking

Have all your pending quotes in one single place, with information about when they were prepared and sent. Easily send reminders to the customer or modify the quote based on customer feedback.

Experience the Knowify difference

Meet a Knowify product expert on a video screenshare, where you’ll get help setting up your trial account, get your questions answered, and ensure you’re set up for success with Knowify.