Managing multiple subcontractors across jobs can be a serious business challenge. If, additionally, you also manage your own crews, things get even more complicated. Knowify can help you with an easy-to-use workflow to add subcontractors to your projects, create work orders, scheduling, track their invoices and payments, and store all their documents.

Tools to help you manage your subs more efficiently

Tracking your subcontracts, change orders, RFIs/submittals, and job progress by trade can be challenging. The problem only gets worse when you have many subcontractors on a single job, or multiple jobs with multiple subs running at the same time.

Knowify radically simplifies subcontractor management by giving you a complete solution encompassing subcontract management (including change orders) and RFI / submittal management in a way that’s fully integrated with your project management and accounting. That’s real-time, high-value business intelligence. That’s Knowify.

Subcontractor management | Screenshot of our Plan & Track section | Knowify

Manage your subcontracts seamlessly

Knowify makes it very easy to track your outstanding subcontracts, and to add change orders to them as necessary. Your project managers will be able to see the work outstanding, and document any communications with the subs (as needed). You can also produce work orders that can be easily sent via email to the subcontractor. These work orders will be connected to the PO associated with the sub. This way, when you receive an invoice from the subcontractor, you can track progress invoicing and payments and make sure you stay on budget.

Subcontractor management | Example of a work order output in pdf | Knowify

Track Payments vs. Progress

Knowify also lets you see payments you’ve made to your sub against their subcontracts, and overlays that info over the project schedule. Are they billing for a 50% completion draw even though they only just got started? Your PMs and office management staff will have that information right at their fingertips.

Subcontractor management | Screenshot of our Manage Contract Jobs section | Knowify

Subcontractor Reporting

Tracking subcontractor compliance is an essential part of subcontractor management. Knowify lets you store all the documentation associated with a given subcontractor, including expiration dates. Additionally, you will be able to produce detailed reports on the documentation status, and Knowify will warn you when you are about to include a subcontractor in a project if they are missing compliance documentation.

Subcontractor management | Example of spreadsheet report | Knowify