If you have your own crews, you probably already know how time consuming timekeeping can be. For many companies, tracking time means having foreman call in the timecards at the end of the week, then manually processing them for accounting and payroll. What happens if timecards get lost before the data are entered? What if you’re not sure that the guys really put in a full day on Tuesday? Tough luck.

Why are you still using this century-old process for keeping time? Technology has advanced so much – wouldn’t you prefer modern, easy-to-use, paperless time tracking software that can give you up-to-the-minute insights of where you stand on your projects? Of course!

Enter Knowify

Knowify is a powerful mobile time tracking software, including GPS-verified check in / check out / timesheets for both individuals and foremen (who can track time for others). You can even let your subs enter their own time! Unlike other time tracking software, Knowify integrates your time data with your budgets, project plan, and reporting, so you’ll know where you stand in real time. And since Knowify integrates seamless with QuickBooks, you’ll never have to manually input timecards again!

Foreman time keeping

Don’t want each of your guys tracking time independently? No problem – you can have your foremen or superintendents keep track of crew time using Knowify’s innovative Foreman’s View feature, available on both the web application and mobile app.

Managing check in / check out

You’ll know where your crew members are, when they checked in, and the job they checked in for at a glance with Knowify’s check in view. You can also correct errors on the fly with our easy-to-use tools.

Getting more for your money

Of course, the Knowify mobile app offers so much more than just timesheets. Knowify’s cloud based software is all about efficiency and productivity; rather than having your guys taking multiple apps (or pieces of paper) into the field to help with timekeeping, scheduling, field logs, pictures, and purchasing, why not just use one? That’s the power of Knowify: everything in one place, with direct connections back to the office and job-based progress plans so nothing slips between the cracks! And, just in case, our best-in-class reporting will give you an opportunity to audit your timecards and labor costs whenever you feel the need and boost your productivity. This is the management software you’ve been looking for your contracting business.