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Feature of the week – Foreman on the mobile app

Screenshot of the foreman section in the mobile app | Smartphone app | Knowify feature

You cannot be at every job site at any given time. You might have an employee that you trust carrying out certain tasks and responsibilities. In Knowify we have a whole section devoted to these employees in our mobile app… Now it is time to put them to work!

Foreman permissions: Full visibility on job progress and crew activity

Anyone who has the foreman permission will have access to this view on the mobile app. From this view, a Foreman can see all active and pending job phases. From there they can see all employee activity, and check in/out anyone who might have forgotten to do so.

Admin section displaying permission options available | Foreman view | Knowify feature

This can help to reduce the workload in the office. Since your Foreman will most likely be in the field, they can see who is doing what, when, and where. Couple this with the GPS verification at check ins, and you can get a real sense of how the job is progressing.

Create new job phases on the spot

What if you need to perform additional work on a job, but do not want to allocate any additional labor/materials to preexisting phases? Using this feature will allow you to create new phases from the mobile app that will upload right to your Knowify account. No need to wait on someone in the office to make this change.

Job details section allowing user to access phases, images, tasks, and comments | Smartphone app | Knowify feature
Phases section allowing user to add a new phase to the project | Smartphone app | Knowify feature

Update time entries

If a missing time entry manages to slip through undetected, a foreman can add the appropriate time. Even if it was earlier in the week! This can help with job costing, and keeping track of hours to ensure all time has been accounted for towards any given job.

Phase details section displaying team activity (who is checked in) | Smartphone app | Knowify feature

Communicate seamlessly with your team

They also have the option to notify any crew members, and send them a message that will pop up on their mobile apps, making it easy to communicate with the guys in the field.

For a more detailed walkthrough on how this works, check out our video tutorial: Foreman feature | Knowify smartphone app.

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