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New in Knowify: Daily Logs

Partial view of a daily log displaying summary, weather, and progress on phases | Product release | Knowify

Available May 16th to users on Advanced and Unlimited plans

Capturing project information that keeps everyone in the loop is crucial to keep your projects running on-time and on-budget. That’s why Knowify is excited to announce the release of Daily Logs – a new feature that automatically captures project updates and organizes them in a single place where you and your team can leave feedback, share notes, and take the next step needed to keep your projects moving.

Consistent, detailed project updates – no extra input necessary

You can find the new Daily Logs feature in the “Logs” section of any of your contract jobs. Each day, Daily Logs are automatically generated for projects as action is taken on them. As you and your team do things in the Knowify mobile app or web app – like logging time on the job-site, taking photos, leaving notes, or recording progress on a project phase, Knowify will automatically add that update to the day’s log. You’ll also see a high-level daily summary at the top of your daily log that includes the following:

  • Number of phases with activity
  • Number of resources on site, including labor and equipment
  • Total resources hours on site
  • The weather on site, provided you’ve entered the project address into Knowify
Daily log view with summary, weather, and progress at phase level with completion %, comments, and pictures | Product release | Knowify

Each project phase with changes that day will show in the log, with details like the phase status, photos related to the phase, and changes to phase progress (if you’re using Knowify’s production tracking feature).

You’ll also see a breakdown of comments left in the project log that are related to the given phase. Your team will be able to designate their comments as related to safety, job site deficiencies, activity on the job site, or as general notes. On the daily log, you’ll see a timeline of these comments, with each one represented by a unique icon.

Partial view of the notes section at project level with additional information, supporting documents, and log comments | Daily logs | Knowify

Finally, at the bottom of your daily log you’ll find a breakdown of resources on site that day, along with notes, photos, and documents that aren’t related to a specific phase.

Mobile view of daily logs where the user can report resources on site by project on a daily basis | Product release | Knowify

Daily logs are automatically created, but that doesn’t mean you lose control over what shows in them. Using the edit button at the top of your daily log, you’ll be able to hide (but not delete) phases, comments, and resources on site. You’ll also be able to edit any phase progress updates, so you can edit the percentage of progress completed that day and add additional notes, photos, or documents.

Satisfied with how your daily log looks, and ready to share it with someone else? You’ll find two easy options for sharing, next to the edit button at the top of your daily log. Copy a shareable link for people on your team with Knowify access, or save the daily log as a PDF for easy sharing with your GC, client, or any other stakeholders that don’t have Knowify access. You can also easily navigate to any previous day’s logs, using the date-picker at the top of your Daily Logs screen.

Questions or feedback around our latest update?

Send an email to, or register for our live Knowify training session this Thursday, 5/23 where we’ll walk through the feature in detail, and answer any questions you may have.

– The Knowify team