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How to delight your customers and win all-important referrals

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The old adage goes, “The customer is always right.” We at Knowify like to take it a step further by believing that the customer should always be delighted. After all, your business relies on the satisfaction of your customers. And when your customers are satisfied, everyone wins in the end. Which features of a business, exactly, leave customers wanting more? Knowify’s here to pinpoint them so that you can keep your customers excited about the work you do.

Communication is key

To homeowners or business owners unfamiliar with the field of construction, the jobsite can seem like an entirely different planet. Trucks, drills, and a big crew of workers may be a part of your everyday life, but it’s important to remember that that’s not true for most. Construction work is daunting! It’s loud and invasive, and as you watch the structures around you be demolished, it can be hard to believe that there will be a positive outcome to all the chaos. For residential customers, construction can be all the more uncomfortable. After all, they’re welcoming a crew of strangers into their homes every day, unsure of construction’s inner workings and unfamiliar with the people hacking away at their kitchen counter. A great way to help customers feel at ease is to communicate with them, and Knowify is the perfect tool for relaying pivotal information about the job. With Knowify’s RFI (request for information) feature, you’ll be able to inquire about certain details of the work (paint color, type of tiles, etc.) and get clarifications straight from customers. Their answers will be stored in the workspace depicting the scope of the project, so you’ll always have a record of your communications. You can also send them updates on your progress in the form of pictures or text using our ever-handy customer portal. When your home is being torn to pieces, peace of mind is key!

The portal to success

Contacting your customers shouldn’t be any more difficult than texting with your friends, in part because your customers very well might become your friends. Repairing or constructing someone’s workplace or home is a deeply personal undertaking, and chances are, you’ll be interacting with your customers daily. Knowify’s customer portal makes communication efficient, clean, and friendly, ensuring that you and your customers are on the same page about goals, schedules, and plans for construction. Your customers will appreciate the updates, and you’ll be glad to know exactly what your customers want out of your work. With Knowify’s state-of-the-art communication feature, you’ll bridge the gap between client and employee and be able to chat freely about the work that lies ahead.

Keep it professional with state-of-the-art proposals, bidding, and e-signatures

Remember: your customer wants a team that is reliable, on-time, efficient, and organized. That means legible paperwork, crystal-clear invoices, comprehensible schedules, signed change orders, and no surprises. All that might feel daunting in the realm of construction, where things notoriously change on a dime. But fear not: with Knowify, you can look businesslike and systematic with virtually no effort. Our software will organize your project management, job costing, billing, purchasing, scheduling, and time tracking for you, presenting all of the documents in a beautiful and legible way. Our templating service creates customized templates designed to match your branding so that your business maintains a consistent appearance and style. These templates also serve to estimate job costing, keeping your customers in the know about what to expect spending-wise. Plus, our e-signature portal makes signing bids efficient, simple, and easy to keep track of. In addition to paper, you’ll eliminate any possible confusion or misunderstandings regarding the job. With the help of these great features, you can stay focused on the work that truly matters: killing it at the work you do best. Your customer will appreciate your self-presentation, and you might find the whole process more manageable, too!

Stay in order with change orders

Change order management is key to run a healthy contracting business. Over the course of a project, clients may change their minds about paint colors, building materials, or the sort of work they will need. In order to avoid conflict with customers when it’s time to get paid, make sure you’re ahead of the game and managing change orders professionally. Knowify’s change order feature can help you inform the customer about the cost of the change and receive their approval before you go ahead with fulfilling their requests.

When you’re referred, you’re preferred

One customer leads to another. If your clients are satisfied with your clear communication and consistent professionalism, they’ll be far more likely to recommend you to friends, family, and colleagues in need of repair or construction work. Knowify can help you leave a positive impression on your customers so that you can continue to grow your business. Once you’ve dazzled your customers with your professionalism and expertise, don’t be shy about asking for a review. If you’ve done a great job (and with Knowify, there’s no doubt that you will), most customers are more than happy to spread the word about it. Construction work is symbiotic: the more your customers love the job you do for them, the more likely they’ll be to help you get jobs in the future.