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Construction proposals & estimates

Build winning bids fast

Knowify’s cloud-based software allows you to create professional proposals and get construction project bids out the door quickly, without jeopardizing your margins in the process. 

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Create professional, accurate proposals in one minute or less

Build custom-designed proposals quickly

Construction proposals and estimates created in minutes

Getting accurate proposals out the door is the key to winning new business and budgeting jobs properly. Knowify’s proposal tools help you make that happen.  

  • Easily mark up your project budget and convert it into a customized proposal without unneeded steps or another piece of software.
  • You can also build proposals from scratch using the products and services in your Knowify catalog.
  • Ensure you’re getting bids out quickly, while maintaining healthy profits and an efficient project management process. 
  • Win more new business by getting your bids into the hands of prospective clients or general contractors faster than your competition.
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Custom proposals with your logo, terms, and conditions

Look your best with branded proposals

Prospective clients expect professionalism, and with Knowify, yours is never in doubt. 

  • Include basic details like your company name, logo, project pricing, and terms and conditions on your proposals.
  • Add or remove details as needed, and include payment schedules, scope of work, and a detailed breakdown of project costs including labor and materials, if you so wish. 
  • Attach key documents to your project proposals, like blueprints and photos, so that your submission stands out from all others in the bidding process. 
  • Need a custom proposal? The Knowify team will work with you to create a completely custom document, free of charge, that you can reuse for future projects.

Proposals that support your growth goals

Professional, accurate proposals can be the difference between winning a bid or watching a competitor walk away with it. Try Knowify free for 14 days, and see how our proposal tools can help your bottom-line!

Real-time notifications on won bids

Know the second you win the job

Your customers are busy too. Making their lives easier is often the key to building a strong relationship. Knowify’s streamlined project workflow allows you to send proposals to clients over email in seconds. Clients can e-sign the proposal directly from their email, and you’ll get notified in real-time if the job is won.

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Detailed cost breakdowns

Track your costs after winning the job

Knowify combines the best of project management software and construction accounting to give you a real-time view into how labor, equipment, and material costs are affecting your bottom line. 

  • Knowify has the strongest QuickBooks integration in the construction industry, so there’s no need to export to Excel or other tedious platforms. 
  • Let automation do all the work for you, as every piece of information from change orders to labor costs sync both ways in real-time between Knowify and QuickBooks.

“I like that it’s easy to set up a job and that you’re able to send your bid directly to your customer. It’s laid out in a simple way so no explanation is needed for your customer.”

Kem G. L.


What is a construction proposal? 

A construction proposal is a document created by a contractor that’s sent to a potential client with the goal of outlining a project including estimated costs and a project timeline, while also convincing the client that the contractor’s business is the right one to complete the work. 

It’s best to think of a proposal as both informative and persuasive. Doing so will guide the information you include in your proposals. 

What should you include in a construction proposal? 

A typical construction proposal is going to include information like a description of the project, detailed cost estimates, an estimated timeline, and payment terms. 

Since a proposal is also a sales document, it should include things like company information, references, and even examples of similar work you’ve done in the past. 

It’s important that your proposal appears professional as this can separate you from your competition. You’ll want to ensure it’s formatted correctly, includes contact information, a company logo, and a tagline if you have one. 

Lastly, you’ll want to make it easy for your potential clients to receive and sign your proposals. Ideally, your construction management software allows you to create proposals, send them over email, and have your clients e-sign them without having to print the proposal or do any extra work.

What software is used for estimating in construction?  

Most construction management software should give contractors the ability to create cost estimates for clients. Knowify allows you to quickly create a budget based on a project’s scope of work that you can markup to cover your overhead and target profit margin. You can then turn this into a professional e-signable proposal in minutes. Knowify includes several proposal templates out-of-the-box. If you don’t see something you like, the team will work with you to create a custom, reusable proposal template free of charge.