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Release 3.21 – Change log

Knowify 3.21 is here with many exciting enhancements, especially in the Contract & change orders section. This is the complete change log:

1. Contract & change orders header

Contract & change orders is the most used section of Knowify. We wanted to improve it to reduce the amount of time you spend scrolling the page, enabling you to send proposals to your customers faster. To this end, we have changed the header. You will notice the following:

  • The header stays fixed as you scroll up and down so you do not lose sight of the overall contract value.
  • All of the relevant actions will be located at the upper right corner of the page, always available. Note the “…” button, where you can find additional actions (including the ability to make the job active or preview the proposal).
Enhanced Contract & Change orders header | Release 3.21 | Knowify

2. Online payments with Square

Square ACH [US Only]

Many of you have been requesting the ability to collect ACH payments from your customers. This feature is finally here thanks to our partnership with Square. The processing fee will be 1% per ACH transaction (minimum fee of $1), which is less than half of most credit cards. You can enable ACH payments in the Admin/Integrations section of Knowify.

Square payment links

You can now create a payment link without having to send the invoice via email. That way you can paste this link into your own email outside Knowify, or send the link via text message to your customer.

Animation displaying how to generate a payment link for the customer | Release 3.21 | Knowify

3. Parts inventory management [Beta]

Over the next few weeks we will be enabling a new beta feature that will allow you to track parts across locations (trucks, warehouses). This feature will be available in our Enterprise plan. If you are interested in getting early access, please reach out to

4. Retainage

We are changing the way we sync QuickBooks Journal Entries for retainage. Now we will revert the Journal Entry when the final retainage invoice is produced, not before. This way you can track retainage in the relevant account in QuickBooks and see it revert when retainage is billed to the customer.

5. Cost Plus jobs

In the job activity of a cost plus job, you will be able to easily identify all the expenses for the job and those that produced a billable item according to the contract terms. That will help you fix issues and clearly determine what billable items have not been invoiced yet and whether you missed any in previous invoicing cycles.

6. Advanced reporting

For enterprise customers with access to Advanced Reporting, we have added the ability to filter on most of the columns of a given report. You can also apply multiple filters at the same time to further refine your output.

Screenshot displaying the filter feature for advanced reporting | Release 3.21 | Knowify

7. Other improvements

  • [XLS Imports] For all our XLS imports, we have unified the layout so that Name, Qty, and Price for materials are always in the same columns.
  • [Services report] New column in first tab to display the Invoice Date for the service job.
  • [Bills] Manage Bills table now allows searches based on project name or PO.
  • [Catalog] Ability to search for SKU/Item Number when creating service templates.
  • [Invoices] When preparing a new invoice, you can easily take payment terms, header and footer comments from previous invoice and reuse them.
  • [Subcontractors] We have improved the job logs around subcontractor contract creation. Also, if catalog items are used in the subcontract, the associated PO will be associated with the same catalog items for better job costing purposes.
  • [Tasks] Completed tasks will also send a confirmation email to the creator of the task.
  • [Zapier] We have improved most of our Zapier triggers to make them more granular and allow for better integrations with third party applications.