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Construction scheduling software for subcontractors

Simplify scheduling your resources

With Knowify, keeping all of your team members and equipment on-task has never been easier. Drag-and-drop scheduling for teams, individuals, and equipment keeps stakeholders coordinated and makes resource management simple.


Abstraction of scheduling for both service and contract jobs | Scheduling and team management | Knowify features
Cloud-based scheduling and project management software

Manage your full project workflow in one place

Easier scheduling is just part of what Knowify can do for your business.

  • Create your phase-by-phase project plan and budget in Knowify, including major project milestones and deliverables. 
  • Set dependencies, allocate labor resources by role or individual to a given project phase. 
  • View detailed gantt charts to quickly understand project progress and adherence to the project schedule.
Abstraction of a Gantt chart | Project management | Knowify features
Scheduling view to dispatch service jobs | Service work | Knowify features
Schedule multiple jobs and phases from a single screen

Assign work faster with drag-and-drop scheduling

For contractors with limited resources, every hour counts. Keep projects on-time and on-budget with Knowify’s powerful scheduling tools. 

  • Choose an individual employee or a role within your company and assign them to an entire project or a specific phase.
  • If your team uses the Knowify mobile app, they’ll be notified as they’re assigned, and again as they start their day.

Build your business with confidence

Keep every construction project on-task and efficient with scheduling tools built for the modern specialty contractor- try Knowify free for 14 days, and see the difference for yourself!

unmatched visibility into project and crew schedules

Zoom in and out to see how labor is allocated from every angle

With Knowify, you can throw out the whiteboards, Excel spreadsheets, and other time consuming scheduling methods. 

  • Quickly toggle between three scheduling views to get the information you need, when you need it. 
  • Switch between a monthly calendar view of all jobs scheduled, a biweekly view broken out by project, phase, and labor.
  • Easily see an individual employee’s schedule for the day as needed.
Diagram of roles in construction such as forman, journeyman and master electricians | Labor shortage | Knowify
Service jobs via smartphone app | Electrical industry | Knowify
See where and when each employee clocks in for the day

Keep your team accountable with a real-time map view

For the first time, guarantee every member of your team is where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there. 

  • See the real-time location and time of each employee’s clock-in for the day when they use the Knowify mobile app. 
  • Set a geofenced area around the jobsite, and get alerted if a crew member tried to clock-in from somewhere different. 
  • Keep your team on-time, on-task, and accountable to you and your clients.

“Everyone would say oh yeah I worked 8 hours a day or maybe 8 and a half. And as soon as they started clocking in through Knowify we were finding that these guys are working 7 hours, sometimes 6 – they’re not showing up at 8:30, 9 o’clock, these guys are showing up at 9:45am.”

Kristin Kunc

Office Manager, Serett Metalworks