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Knowify + QuickBooks Payments

Get paid more ways, faster

Give your customers the option to pay directly from your Knowify invoices. Accept fast, secure payments by credit card or ACH and keep more of the money you earn with low fees on every transaction.

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Accept credit card and ACH payments

Faster payments & healthier cash flow

Knowify makes makes it easy to see which invoices are outstanding, paid, or overdue. Send payment reminders to clients through Knowify, and give them a convenient option to pay you through QuickBooks Payments.

  • Avoid a queue of overdue invoices by giving your clients a convenient, secure way to pay you faster.
  • Automatically update your project financials in Knowify and QuickBooks Online as soon as you’re paid.
  • Get started in minutes – no painful setup or onboarding fees. QuickBooks Payments is free with your existing QuickBooks Online subscription.
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Bundle Knowify + QuickBooks Online and save big

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The best in construction project management and construction accounting, at the best price.

Knowify + QuickBooks Online

The strongest integration in construction. Trust Knowify and QuickBooks to manage day-to-day admin work, so you can focus on what’s next for your business. There’s no lag between the action happening in the field and the data coming into the system, whether that’s scheduling and time tracking, job progress, or finances.

Add QuickBooks Payroll

Track and approve your team’s time in either Knowify or QuickBooks Online and take advantage of geofencing technology that assures you your team is actually on-site. Sync seamlessly with QuickBooks Payroll for an even more powerful integrated solution and ensure your team is paid on-time, every time.

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Already using QuickBooks Online?

Get started with QuickBooks Payments. It’s free and only takes a few minutes to get set up.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t want to pay transaction fees – what are my options?

Payment processors require transaction fees on ACH and credit card transactions, but many contractors avoid these fees from cutting into their margin by adding the fee amount to the client invoice.

Does Knowify integrate with QuickBooks Enterprise?

Yes, Knowify syncs with QuickBooks Enterprise. The integration with QuickBooks Enterprise is push-to-sync, vs the real-time sync you get with Knowify + QuickBooks Online.

I don’t use QuickBooks – does Knowify offer other payment options?

Knowify integrates directly with Square & Paysimple, offering payment solutions for non-QuickBooks users.

What other platforms does Knowify integrate with?

Knowify integrates with many other solutions that contractors know and love. See the full list of integrations here.

Save time and grow your business with the Knowify + QuickBooks Online Bundle

Manage your teams, projects, and finances on a single platform, designed for contractors.