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Leveraging construction technology to help businesses succeed

Advisor Kim Isaacman

Construction Accounting & Business Consulting | Orange County, Ca

Kim Isaacman has been a Knowify Advisor since the very beginning. Although her background is in large commercial and residential construction, she has become extremely passionate about helping small contractors succeed. With tools such as Knowify, Kim has successfully guided many contractors to grow and manage their businesses. Over the years, she has witnessed our growth and commitment to excellence and continues to be instrumental in improving Knowify with her vast construction knowledge and expertise.

Knowify fav

That is a difficult one, however, if I had to choose, it would be the Client-Contract Management feature – sending out invoices seamlessly, seeing the job progress instantly, and knowing the remaining balance on a contract effortlessly are extremely valuable function to have. Not to mention how quick and easy it is to send out change orders.


  • User friendly
  • Visual
  • Seamless contract management

Top features

  • Contracts
  • Change orders
  • AIA invoicing

Kim meets construction accounting

Kim was destined to do accounting in the construction industry. After receiving her business management degree, she went to work with her dad where she eventually took over running the business operations. What stood out most was the accounting procedures the company had in place, or lack thereof. “We couldn’t figure anything out. We would spend hours searching through ‘The Job’ folder, held together by rubber bands, which contained any and all job documents. Trying to find simple answers to questions such as: 1. What is the balance remaining on the job; 2. How much has this subcontractor been paid… were daunting… Change orders? Forget it! We’d be there all night. I couldn’t handle it anymore.” Thus, ultimately drove Kim to invest in a large accounting software program (before Knowify’s time) designed for massive construction companies.

“Knowify clarified contracts, simplified change orders, and offered an easy billing solution.”

Kim Isaacman

Why Knowify works for her contractors?

Similar to everything else she does, Kim thoroughly researched the market to choose the right fit for the mid-sized companies. She tested countless project management and job costing systems only to discover they all suffered from the same core problems: hard-to-interpret reports, difficult-to-navigate interfaces, and complex functions. Since most contractors are tradesmen, not software geeks nor accountant types, what value would they see in software they could not understand? Knowify was different.

1. Visual Profit & Loss diagrams

“It was important for me to find a system that would immediately show a contractor their profit. Whether they want to see it or not is a different story, however, for those who do, it is readily available and easy to understand.” Kim was impressed with Knowify’s numerous graphs and charts, “Alongside the job list, my contractors can view their progress by simply looking at the revenue diagram, cost diagram or profit and loss diagram instead of trying to read and understand an accounting report. However, for me, seeing a profit and loss diagram so perfectly placed next to each contract was when I knew Knowify was the contracting system for me.”

2. Seamless contract management

Kim was also drawn to Knowify’s straightforward contract, change order, and invoicing tools. “Knowify clarified contracts, simplified change orders, and offered an easy billing solution. Firstly, seeing where you stand on a project and knowing the balance remaining on a contract is so important. Otherwise, how are you able to manage your cash flow accurately. Secondly, it is a pleasure sending out invoices and change orders since it can take under a minute to generate. Just a few of the features why Knowify is the solution for me. Simplifying my already busy day one task at a time.”

3. User friendly

“I have tried them all and they just felt exasperating. Everything was a 10-step process, unlike Knowify’s 1 or 2 steps,” she mentioned. “It is the most user-friendly project management program I have found for small to medium size contractors. Especially for those contractors who do not want to get a computer science degree nor want to employ a full office staff in order to run a costly system.”

Coming from a Knowify client

Kim, who has been a Knowify user since its infancy, has witnessed firsthand the growth and development over the years. “I find all the people on the Knowify team to be so amazing. They go above and beyond to better the product to make my workflow easier. It has become a valuable asset for both me and my contractors.”

Without our contractors and accountants feedback we would not be able to improve nor grow. At Knowify, we truly value the feedback from those in the trenches, our Knowify users and Kim took note. “You guys are superheroes. You simplify that which otherwise would be complex. You lighten my workload which allows me time to do what’s most important to me, spending time with my family. Marc, Dan, and Terrin have always listened to what I’ve had to say. As long as it logically makes sense for them, they then make it work for me.”

“It only made sense to go with Knowify. What other company would listen to my feedback and make system enhancements. Instead of having to devise a workflow to work within the programs limitations, Knowify allows me the flexibility to choose the best workflow for my business.”

Knowify, operate your business, your way!

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