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Construction budget template

Keep your next project on-track and under-budget with our free, customizable construction budget template spreadsheet.

Abstraction of a spreadsheet to create a construction budget using iconography of a spreadsheet file and a dollar sign | Tools | Knowify

Budgeting simplified

With the template you can:

  • Easily organize your construction project by phases and cost categories like labor, materials, and equipment. 
  • Track budgeted costs for each phase and cost category against actual costs as your project progresses. 
  • Quickly find the project phases, cost categories, and specific areas where you’re over or under budget so you can course-correct.


The template is completely customizable based on your needs. Leave it as-is or use it as a starting point for your next project budget.

Knowify import

We’ve even included a Knowify-importable version so you can bring your budget into Knowify when you’re ready.