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Certificate of substantial completion template

Need to create a certificate of substantial completion for a construction project, but aren’t sure where to start? Use our free template pack as a jumping off point.

Abstraction of certificate of substantial completion using iconography of a doc file and a stamp | Tools | Knowify

Certificates made easy

With this template pack, you get:

  • A basic certificate of substantial completion template in Word format that you can customize for simple projects.
  • A more detailed certificate template in Word format that you can customize for larger projects with longer timelines.
  • The ability to add branding elements like your company logo for a professional-looking document.

DISCLAIMER | The documents provided here serve only as an example template and do not constitute legal advice. The contents of these documents should not be used to create a binding contract, and should be modified to meet the individual needs of the parties. Therefore, Knowify does not take any responsibility for any legal contracts or consequences made using any of the above templates. Parties should consult with their respective legal counsel prior to executing a contract based on this, or any, agreement.