Scheduling construction workers and equipment is a critically important but often difficult-to-manage task for most contracting businesses. As a business owner, you need your scheduling system to tell you more than just who is scheduled to be on a job and who is available. You need to know what sorts of resources are needed to complete certain jobs, where you’re overcommitted in your job schedule and where you might have room to add additional work, where you’re running behind schedule and where you might have breathing room.

Knowify’s powerful Job Board scheduling tool gives you access to your job and resource schedules, deadline information, progress information, and more all at your fingertips in an easy-to-use interface. Your workers will automatically see the schedules you set for them on their mobile apps, meaning that communicating schedules no longer have to chase them down to share any updates as they happen.

In short, no stand alone construction scheduling or timetracking app can match the power and insights we can deliver.

Allocate Time for your Jobs

You can quickly see your scheduled and unscheduled work, as well as see the completion deadlines and the expected labor and equipment requirements for each. Quickly move job schedules around as needed as you try to balance deadlines and available resources.

Schedule Workers and Equipment

Add workers and equipment in just a few clicks with our innovative, easy-to-use tools. You can schedule them full time or part time, as needed, or shift resources around if job conditions change. Importantly, you won’t be scheduling blind: you’ll be able to see not only what the estimator expected in terms of labor effort (by type) to get the job done, but also how far along you are based on actual timecard data coming from Knowify’s timekeeping system. You can also view your resource loaded job schedule to track over/undercommitments by labor type, and filters to see who might be available over a given time period

Straight from the Office to the Job Site

As you set schedules, Knowify’s mobile app will instantly update to present the new schedule to your workers. They’ll be able to check in and out of the jobs you set for them, view and shared documents or plans, send up pictures, and more. Foreman will also get to view a complete list of men expected to be on the job that day. No more chasing down workers to share schedules or schedule changes!