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Demystifying cloud software for contractors

Screenshot of the Knowify dashboard focusing on the url (cloud software) | Knowify

Regardless of the industry you work in, you’ve likely been hearing the term “cloud” for a few years now. Many industries have fully embraced cloud-based software, but others, especially ones with long-standing traditions like the construction industry, have been slower to the party. You might think of the cloud as a passing fad in technology, but the truth of the matter is that cloud-based solutions are here to stay—and for good reason: cloud solutions have advantages that traditional on-premise solutions cannot match. With cloud-based solutions like Knowify, you can access your data anywhere and anytime, and you can send your customers updates on your job progress. Your employees will be able to receive information like work schedules, job logs, and work orders out on the field, making each job more efficient and enjoyable.

Does desktop software in construction come out on top?

On-premise (aka ‘desktop’) contracting software is well established and generally reliable, and you might feel like it allows you more control over your business. The reality is that the only added ‘control’ you’re getting is control over the environment (single computer or local server) on which you install the software and the ability to access that software from a directly-connected computer at any time.

The price you pay for that control? You now have to maintain IT infrastructure, keep the software version up to date (including paying for upgrades!), and, in most cases, restrict your ability to access the software from anywhere. Ouch. You might think that your on-premise solution is more reliable than a cloud solution, but it’s very unlikely that your tech infrastructure is more robust than the IT infrastructure of leading cloud-computing companies like Knowify. Part of the reason that the cloud can seem unreliable is because to many of us, the concept is, well, cloudy. Let Knowify demystify the cloud for you and explain how cloud-based software can help your business grow.

Clearing up the cloud

So what is the cloud, exactly? To put it simply, “the cloud” refers to servers accessed over the internet, as well as the software and databases that run on those servers. By using cloud storage rather than desktop storage, companies can eliminate the need to manage physical servers by themselves or run software applications. This can save time, energy, and cost. Further, cloud software is always up-to-date, and, in fact, constantly improving. 

With cloud software, the sky’s the limit

Cloud-based software is particularly useful in the construction industry because it allows users to access the tools and data anytime, anywhere. That means that your workers can access all the information they need—like schedules, job logs, work orders, and more out on the field. A good example of this is Knowify: by synthesizing all your data and storing it in the cloud, our project management software for contractors brings the office straight to the construction site. It also means that you have the opportunity to keep your customers in the know. With Knowify, you can send real-time updates on your job progress using our customer portal feature.

So before you dismiss the cloud, give it a chance! You might find that cloud-based software makes the foggy administrative tasks of invoicing, billing, time-tracking, and budgeting crystal clear.