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Outgrowing desktop software: Time to go to the cloud with QuickBooks Online + Knowify

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How do you know whether it’s time to move your accounting software to the cloud? These growing pains may indicate that it’s time to move from QuickBooks Desktop accounting software to QuickBooks Online.

1. Need more users

QuickBooks Desktop version has only a limited number of users available per subscription and adding additional users can cost up to $200 a month per user. This quickly raises the cost of this desktop application to where it becomes unaffordable for many companies.

QuickBooks Online version allows you to have up to 25 users per company without additional charges for each user. This allows you to be flexible with who you assign accounts to, allowing more people to have access to the information they need when they need it. You can also share information directly with your accountant or other business consultants by simply setting up a user account.

2. Want access anywhere

Are you tired of having to call the office to get financial information? Or waiting for reports to be run and information to be compiled so you can make important business decisions? If you’re still using desktop software, you can only get the information at your office. With QuickBooks Online, financial information is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. That’s the beauty of cloud software.

3. Want an overview of all your construction projects

Construction managers need to know where all their projects are at any time. A dashboard view curated by Knowify and QuickBooks Online gives managers the information they need on all their projects at the same time. They can quickly see what requires their attention and get the up-to-the-minute information to make key decisions.

4. Want to leverage automation

Workers can spend less time on data entry through transaction automation. QuickBooks Online allows you to import transactions from your accounts, for free, and set rules to speed up your accounting processes, like classifying transactions. By automating much of the accounting work, you also reduce the chance for data entry errors and misclassification of costs.

5. Improve financial data security

Everyone worries about the security of their financial data. Even data stored on a local server isn’t safe from hackers. However, data stored in the cloud is safer and more secure, and it’s backed up automatically, so you never have to worry about losing your hard work. QuickBooks Online also offers user permissions that allow you to control who sees what in your company, further improving the internal safety and security of your data.

6. Share information as needed

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to share all your data with your accountant or business consultants at any time. No exporting and importing required. You simply add them as a user to your account and they can immediately access the information they need through their web browser. There’s no additional software needed and no additional costs for them to view your information. Plus, they get to see all your transactions, not just summary reports, so they can quickly make adjustments.

Transferring your data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online is simple and easy. The software is easier to use online, and with its integration with Knowify, you can be up and running and getting new insights in just a few minutes. Get the on-demand insights you need from your financial data and construction operations with QuickBooks Online + Knowify.