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Knowify updates – May 2022

Knowify’s latest update focuses on simplifying your workflow and helping you pivot between tasks with ease. Here are just a few of the features you can expect to see the next time you log in to Knowify.

1. Expanded view and new features for proposals, change orders, and invoices

A new full screen view allows you to see all the critical information in your proposals, change orders, and invoices, at a glance. Prepare and send out documents via email more quickly and easily than ever before.

Enhanced experience to send a proposal out for signature | May updates | Knowify

2. Enhanced experience for service jobs

Service jobs can now be created in a more accessible full-screen view, which makes scheduling your crew for jobs clear and simple.

3. Automatic reminders for proposals sent for signature

Automatic reminders for sent proposals means you never have to worry about jobs slipping through cracks. If you don’t hear back on proposals you’ve sent out to potential customers, Knowify will send a polite follow-up, asking them if they’d had a chance to review.

4. Job activity and reporting

To enhance clarity and data organization, job activity and reports are now split into two separate sections, Activity and Reports. On Knowify’s Growth or Enterprise plans, you will also have access to a powerful multi-select filter in Activity, organized by materials, subs, labor, and invoices. Within those filters, you can select by type (expenses, purchase orders, etc.) and get cost-level updates based on the choices you’ve selected.

Screenshot of the activity section highlighting the multi-select filter by transaction type | Release 4.0 | Knowify

5. Other improvements

[Parts inventory management] Enterprise customers can now view inventory value in the parts inventory management report.

[Check in/out] You can now define the check in/out job site radius in the Admin section. When users check in or check out outside the area you’ve defined, you’ll receive an alert and be able to find the information and exact location in the Review Time section.

[Advisor dashboard] Revamped dashboard experience for advisor users.

[Job board] Enhanced performance and speed, especially for very large boards.

[Improved Gantt chart experience]

  • New empty Gantt chart experience
  • Easier workflow to schedule phases

6. Bug fixes

  • Search tasks with multiple tags.
  • Do not show plan templates option if there are none.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s next!

A new Knowify experience

Coming June 2022

Stay tuned for Knowify’s most exciting release to-date. Coming this June, Knowify users will have access to a completely revamped user experience, focused on saving time and giving you a bird’s eye view of your business.

Screenshot of the home page; features are organized by function: core, transactions, activity, insights & company | Release 4.0 | Knowify

In the new Knowify experience you’ll see all the moving parts of your business in one place, so you can easily prioritize your day, save time, and increase productivity. The update comes packed with quality-of-life improvements, like the ability to drag and drop documents for your projects.

And those documents will be easier to find than ever, thanks to the new global search feature. Accessible no matter where you are in Knowify, simply type in a project name, invoice number, or key phrase and quickly access what you need anywhere, anytime.

You’ll receive more information on our next update in the coming weeks, and existing users will have the option to opt-in to the upgraded experience starting in early June.

If you have any questions about our latest update or are interested in early-access to the new Knowify experience, send an email to, we’d love to hear from you.

– The Knowify team