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Knowify updates – January 2023

Contractor illustration to announce our latest product release | January updates | Knowify

Release date: January 21, 2023

Major upgrades for Job Costing and Plan & Track

Our January update brings major new features that improve the way job costing, budgeting, and communication are handled within Knowify. Read on for more info on this month’s most impactful changes:

1. Advanced Job Costing

Available on Essentials, Advanced, and Unlimited Plans

Get a complete view of your project costs with new job costing categories for equipment and miscellanea.

Budget equipment costs to understand how your owned and rented equipment is affecting job profitability. Use the new miscellanea category to track costs that don’t belong anywhere else. Account for fuel, lodging, permits, travel, and more to get a full picture of what’s effecting your cashflow on a given job.

Users on Unlimited plans will also be able to track equipment time directly in Plan & Track

Example on how to enable cost categories when budgeting in Plan & Track | January release | Knowify

2. Revised Plan and Track

Available on Essentials, Advanced, and Unlimited Plans

Get ready for a sleeker and more informative Plan & Track. Quickly evaluate cost for every phase of your job, with new color-coded bars that reflect each category’s % of your total budget, and highlight where you’re running over or under budget.

Cost categories in a phase: materials, labor, subcontractors, equipment, miscellanea | January release | Knowify

Users on the Advanced and Unlimited plans can quickly switch your plan and track view, to focus on your costs vs budget, or on your progress vs forecasted dates, so you can quickly measure job progress and success by whichever metric suits you best.

3. Production Tracking

Available on Advanced, and Unlimited Plans

Advanced and Unlimited users will now have access to production tracking, where you’ll be able to see daily progress on each phase of a job, and include images and comments describing the progress made. If you’re interested in using Production Tracking, you can enable it in admin→customize→project management.

Production tracking section with a few progress entries | January release | Knowify

4. Text notifications for Service Jobs

Available on Advanced & Unlimited plans

Keep your team and your customers on the same page. With our latest update, customers and employees can receive automatic-text reminders about service jobs, reducing confusion and saving time.

Text received by a customer for a scheduled appointment requiring a service job | January release | Knowify

Questions or feedback around our latest update? Send an email to, we’d love to hear from you.

YouTube channel

January updates in action

Check out all the new January updates in the video below.