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Knowify updates – June 2023

Contractor illustration to announce our latest product release | June updates | Knowify

Release date: July 9, 2023

Avoid costly errors and gain new insights with features in our June release

Welcome to the June release of Knowify! We’ve been hard at work to make Knowify even more powerful and easier to use. In this release, you’ll find a range of new features and updates that will help you manage your contract jobs more efficiently, make your QuickBooks Online integration even more powerful, and give you more control over the process of selecting vendors for a phase. Keep reading to learn more about all the exciting updates we have in store for you.

Advanced filters in “Manage Contract Jobs”

Available on Essentials, Advanced, and Unlimited plans

The June release of Knowify brings a number of powerful updates that make managing contract jobs easier than ever. One of the most significant changes is the addition of advanced filters in the “Manage Contract Jobs” section, which can help users quickly identify projects that require attention.

Before this update, it was often difficult to find certain insights in Knowify, such as which projects had not been invoiced for or which had labor overruns. With this new feature, users have access to a set of predefined filters allowing them to quickly identify projects that need attention.

The list view can now be filtered by:

  • Jobs without activity in “X” days
  • WIP > 0 or <= 0
  • Jobs without invoicing in “X” days
  • Jobs with contract type “X”
  • Jobs with cost overruns (by type of cost)
Close up of preset filters | June release | Knowify

This makes it easy for managers to spot issues and take corrective action when needed. Additionally, all filters are saved when you navigate away from the page so there’s no need to reset them every time you come back.

The new filters in Manage Contract Jobs make it easier than ever for managers to keep track of their projects and ensure everything is running smoothly.

QuickBooks Online integration – Sync attachments for purchases and bills, both ways

The June release of Knowify brings with it a powerful new update that makes your QuickBooks Online integration even more robust. With the new sync attachments feature, users can now easily and quickly sync expense documents between Knowify and QuickBooks.

Prior to this update, users had to manually upload documents to both Knowify and QuickBooks if they wanted them to be available on both platforms. This process could be time consuming and tedious for those who were managing multiple purchases or bills that included receipts or documents.

The new update simplifies this process, allowing users to upload supporting documents in Knowify and have them automatically sent over to QuickBooks, and vice-versa. When viewing the details page of a purchase or bill, Knowify automatically checks for the most recent version of the documen saved on either platform, so you never have to worry about prior version getting sent out. Finally, if you delete a document from Knowify that was originally uploaded there, it will also be deleted from Quickbooks.

We hope this new update makes it easier for users to keep their documents organized between both platforms and save time, instead of worrying about double uploading documents across platforms.

Share documents in folders with the client portal

With this new feature, users can now quickly share their documents and folders through the client portal. This provides an easy way for customers to find and access relevant project documents. The customer portal is updated immediately when a document is added or deleted in Knowify, so customers always have up-to-date access to the most recent files.

Plus, with the new document sharing feature, users can easily determine which documents will be shared and once you share a document within a folder, the folder structure will also be displayed to the customer. Overall, the new document sharing feature gives users complete control over how they share information with customers while providing an efficient way for customers to find what they need quickly and easily.

Plan & Track – Subcontractor confirmation

When selecting vendors for a phase, Knowify now confirms with the user whether that vendor should be transformed into a subcontractor. This is an important step in ensuring accuracy when creating contracts, as it can save time and resources if mistakes are corrected before the project gets underway.

Previously, any vendor selected would automatically be transformed into a subcontractor – even if that was not the intention. This could lead to costly errors, such as having to redo paperwork if the mistake was discovered after the fact.

With this month’s release, users can now correct these kinds of mistakes as they happen. Once a vendor has been selected for a phase, Knowify will ask the user if it should be converted into a subcontractor. If so, all necessary documents will be generated automatically; if not, no changes will take place until further notice. This allows users to quickly and easily confirm who their contractors are without having to worry about potential errors down the line.

Questions or feedback around our latest update?

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