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Zap with Knowify

Illustration about our integration with Zapier | Knowify

As you probably already know, Knowify covers a wide swathe of a contractor’s day-to-day business administration activities. But it doesn’t do everything—if it’s not job related, then Knowify may not address it. Would you like to use Knowify to help you with job costing and contract management, but wish it included a lead tracking or marketing side? Or perhaps you wish you could have your Knowify activity broadcast across your communication platform (like Slack), ensuring that everyone remained up-to-date on the activities of the business. We share your vision of end-to-end business automation, with modern software tools helping you to grow efficiently and intelligently, each one passing essential information to the others to ensure that your organization is a well-oiled machine.

You’re (mostly) in luck! While the perfect world described above may still be a few years out, right now we can offer a solution that gets you 80% of the way there: Zapier integrations. The best modern software applications are designed from the ground-up to be integratable with other software packages via public-facing APIs. Knowify is one such application. Zapier, a popular recipe-based middleware platform, makes it very easy for Knowify’s API to be connected to the API of another software tool you might be using, allowing the tools to pass data back and forth seamlessly. Here are a few examples of the awesome integrations you can set up TODAY to enhance the Knowify experience:

Knowify <> Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a great CRM platform that makes it very easy to track the status and progression of your lead funnel. Via Zapier, you can have leads that progress to a certain stage—say, READY TO BID—be sent to Knowify right away! That means no more re-entering customer information across platforms, and a very clear workflow across platforms: if it’s in Knowify, that means it’s time to get an estimator to bid the job.

Knowify <> Slack

Slack is the leading chat/communication platform for businesses of all sizes. In construction, many contractors have discovered that Slack gives them a tool to keep their key people—estimators, PMs, supers, and more—synced up across jobs. Wouldn’t it be great if that group could be notified automatically if a change order is signed? Or a bid accepted? Or even a large invoice overdue? It’s possible! Just connect Knowify to Slack via Zapier!

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