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Tired of dealing with the building department or filling out paper applications? Knowify offers a direct integration with, the leading platform for sourcing construction permits across the United States! This integration is fully available in Florida, California and Texas, and we’ll extend it to the rest of the US shortly.

Online permits

With just a couple clicks, the job details already captured inside of Knowify will enable you to apply for a permit and track the status of the application online. Imagine: no more trips to the building department, filling out paper applications, wasting time in line, and hoping everything is right the 1st time. Our integration with gets to the core of what Knowify is about: radically simplifying the painful administrative side of contracting so that you can focus more on selling new jobs and completing the ones you have going on already, on-time and on-budget.

Integration behind the scenes

Remote construction permitting

This is how the process works behind the scenes (while you can focus on more important things!):

1. Submit your permit request – immediately notifies the municipality it’s ready for review.

2. Once reviewed, the municipality will forward the price and your permit number.

3. will advance that notification to you. Simply sign-in, pay, and print your permit.

Screenshot of the Knowify logs | | Knowify integration

After completing the permit application, and Knowify will communicate to update the permit status and you’ll be able to see all the details in

Ready to streamline your contracting business?

With this integration, you will save time pulling permits, avoid errors, and focus on providing delivering on time & budget. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out at or