There are a lot of project management software tools out there, many with powerful featuresets for building and managing construction project plans. But there’s a major flaw affecting virtually all of them: lack of integration with the moving parts of your contracting business. If you try to run a job with MS Project, you’ll find that it lives on an island by itself; all of your schedules have to be manually updated constantly, and you won’t have any idea how you’re doing on your project from the plan alone. Are you going to make that deadline? (Let me check the timecard data or with my field superintendent.) Have we ordered those materials? (Let me check that other spreadsheet I have.) At some point, project planning just starts to feel like “make-work”.

Does it have to be?


Screenshot of the Knowify web app displaying a project plan.

Knowify revolutionizes construction project management by allowing you to build your job budgets in the context of your project planning. When a job kicks off, you’ll be able to schedule work, order materials, view field-log notes, and more directly from your project plan. Better yet, as workers clock in and out and POs get placed, you’ll get to see your progress against your budgets in real time. That means that as you view your project plan, you’ll know exactly where you stand, and whether you’re going to make that deadline or come in under budget. That’s real-time, high-value business intelligence. That’s Knowify.

Smart Gantt charts

Gantt charts can help you understand your schedule, and can be a great way to communicate timelines to your clients. Knowify will allow you to put together professionally formatted Gantt charts with the data you’re already adding to your project plans.

Screenshot of the Knowify web app displaying a Gantt Chart

Easy scheduling

Schedule your crews before the project starts or as you go. Knowify makes it easy to add workers to a job directly in the job-specific project plan area, or through an overall resource management view.

Once scheduled, your workers will be able to punch in and out, submit purchases, add comments or upload pictures from the job site.

Screenshot of the Knowify web app displaying how to schedule employees and equipment