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Gantt charts for construction

Start-to-finish project dependencies

Knowify’s gantt charts can help your business manage projects and teams more effectively and better allocate resources over time.

Abstraction of a Gantt chart | Project management | Knowify features

Easy-to-build project scheduling

When starting a new project, it can be hard to properly allocate resources without knowing exactly what you’ll need, day-by-day. Knowify’s gantt charts let you build a detailed, phase-based view for each of your jobs. Plot out the job based on the length of each phase, and easily create schedules for your crew without guesswork or idle-time.

Project dependencies for better resource management

Keep projects moving, without wasting time

Prevent the headaches that come from seeing your team sit by because they can’t get started on their part of a job. 

  • Easily create several types of task dependencies for your tasks, so your schedules will be automatically shifted if a phase goes longer than expected. 
  • Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the team members you sent to a job can get started right away.
Abstraction of scheduling for both service and contract jobs | Scheduling and team management | Knowify features
View of our Plan & Track section where user can track job and cost progress | Knowify + QuickBooks bundle
Spot inefficiencies over time

Learn from projects and manage your team more effectively

Instead of treating every crew and project plan the same, get a detailed understanding of every employee and project, down to the phase. 

  • Knowify’s organization-level view will hep you see how much time your team is spending on each phase of a project, and get a better sense as to which project tasks have a tendency to get delayed. 
  • Use this information to better adjust future projects, and end up with more accurate timelines and happier customers.

“The visual charts make it easy to understand how the job is doing, deep dive easily with a click, and plan on the spot.”

Source: G2 Crowd

Build your business with confidence

Gantt charts that help you allocate the right resources every time – try Knowify free for 14 days, see how your projects can stay on track!


What is a gantt chart in construction?  

A gantt chart in construction is a visual project management tool that provides a timeline view of project activities, tasks, and milestones. Contractors use gantt chart to plan, schedule, and track the progress of their projects.

They provide a visual roadmap for the entire project team, while improving coordination, communication, and the overall management of construction projects.

What is the best software for making a gantt chart for a construction project?  

Most project management software will give you the ability to build a gantt chart for your project, or at the very least, give you something similar. You can even build a gantt chart manually in Excel. 

However, we recommend using construction project management software like Knowify to get the most out of gantt charts. Knowify’s gantt charts are one piece of a larger platform that allows you to do everything from plan projects in phases, schedule your crews to the project, track time, and manage overall project finances.