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Construction ProDuction Tracking

Know your progress on every job

Knowify’s production tracking allows project managers to keep their finger on the pulse of every phase of every job, so you can ensure every project is being completed on-time — no matter where you are.

View of our custom workflow board where users can manage the status of their jobs | Project management | Knowify features

Clearly tracked project phase progress

Falling even one day behind on a single project phase can quickly derail progress on an entire project. Knowify can help you make this a problem of the past. 

  • With production tracking, Knowify users can log daily progress on a job from the field or the office, including comments, photos, and progress to completion. 
  • Keep your business’s decision makers in the loop on projects so they can take action as soon as it’s needed, and keep projects on schedule.
See a timeline of work performed

No more second-guessing what’s been done

Examining previous projects is one of the best ways for contractors to make their teams and businesses more efficient. Production tracking in Knowify is a straightforward way to do it.

  • Anyone on your team can look back in time at a specific job and get an explanation of the work performed, directly from the team that did it. 
  • Jump back to a specific day and see how your team overcame unforeseen obstacles, or finished a particularly difficult phase of the job.
View of the client portal displaying contract progress | Customer communications | Knowify features
Close up of a submittal details page | Customer communications | Knowify features
Answer client questions with ease

Project history just a few clicks away

It’s a common frustration: your client or GC requests proof around work performed on a specific day, and you have to scramble to find something. Not with Knowify. 

  • Production tracking in Knowify makes answering client questions a stress-free process.
  • In just a few clicks, anyone with Knowify access can describe the exact work performed on every phase of every job, and share visual proof with whoever needs it.

“Knowify is the best way to have every single project’s info available in a few clicks. You get fast access to your most important job info like contracts, change orders, and the project schedule. ”

Franciso P.

Source: G2 Crowd

Build your business with confidence

Production tracking is just one of the ways to unlock greater clarity and efficiency for your business with Knowify. Try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience the difference for yourself!


What is production tracking in construction? 

Tracking construction production involves systematically monitoring and managing the progress of construction activities, resources, and schedules. Effective production tracking helps ensure that the construction project stays on course, meets quality standards, and remains within budget. 

Contractors use a variety of tools and methods like project management software, status meetings, time tracking tools, document sharing systems, and more to support project-level production tracking.

How can Knowify help me with production tracking? 

Outside of offering powerful project management capabilities, project planning, employee scheduling and time tracking tools, Knowify also offers project-level production tracking. This tool allows you and your team to log daily progress for each phase of a project, including notes and images. This allows you to see a visual record of everything that’s been done, along with the date it was completed. With production tracking, you’ll always know what work was completed and when, helping you maintain accurate records and give clients detailed status updates.