Knowing how you’re doing on a given job—and being able to identify the “problem jobs” at a glance across all your open jobs—can help to ensure that you stay out of trouble and continue to deliver on-time and on-budget. Many contractor business software or accounting software programs can tell you how you did at the end of the job, and others can help you budget. But how many can tell you both, and, more importantly, tell you how you’re doing mid-stream?

Say Hi to Knowify!

Knowify brings job costing full-circle by helping you manage job costs throughout the life cycle of a project. When a job is in the estimating phase, you can put together precise cost estimates with itemized material, labor, and subcontractor budgets. Then once the job kicks off, Knowify’s fully integrated timekeeping, purchase orders, and more will enable you to track progress against your budgets in real time. When the job is complete, Knowify will give you project profitability data based on revenue collected and expenses incurred, and will give you powerful reporting tools to look across your jobs to see where you performed well and where you did not.

You will never look at job costing the same way again. This is business intelligence reimagined for the modern contractor – your estimating software, construction management software, and invoicing software rolled up into one!

Catch problems early – before they turn into problems

Knowify’s job management tools give you lots of actionable information, including things like the ordered and received status of your materials. Only receive part of a purchase order? If you have deadlines to meet, that might require an immediate follow up: maybe something’s back ordered, or there was mix-up at the supplier. No matter the case, Knowify will let you track issues like these directly in the project plan so you can make better, more timely decisions.

Real time revenue, cost, and profit margin monitoring

Bill Parcell’s once famously said about NFL football teams that “You are what your record says you are.” The same thing is true for jobs: the only thing that matters at the end of the day is the bottom line. Want to know how you’re doing? Knowify will let you see in real time the revenues and costs across all your jobs at a high level, and then give you tools to drill down for budget vs. actual performance on a job by job basis. Knowify brings you more timely, more accurate information than you ever thought possible.

Integrate with your QuickBooks accounting system

Knowify seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, saving you hours in double entry work. Send your invoices to track revenue or your time entries to process payroll to the accounting system without having to worry about keeping both system in sync. Knowify is the ultimate business management software to connecting the estimating and bidding part of your business to the accounting side.