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Construction Job Costing Software

Always stay on-budget

Capture each project cost as it happens and compare it against your budget, with detailed job costing that’s easy to use and analyze.

Abstraction of actual costs vs. budgeted costs in construction | Job costing | Knowify
Your budgets, built your way

Track against project budgets (or not)

An easy-to-use budget builder means you can track every project cost against a specific project phase and cost category.

  • Break projects into as many phases as you’d like, and then track against cost categories for materials, labor, subcontractors, equipment, and miscellanea.
  • Not ready for detailed budgets? You can still track all your project costs against the job in real-time, so you’ll have accurate data without the need to pre-plan.
View of our Plan & Tack section where users can track subcontractors costs | Subcontractor management | Knowify features
View of submitting an expense via our smartphone app | Job costing | Knowify features
Easier Data Collection

Less data entry – faster, more accurate cost data

Knowify decentralizes data collection. Instead of one person entering all the data, projects costs are automatically captured while your team works, so you can course-correct before a project starts running over budget.

  • Capture each employee’s fully-loaded labor burden cost against the project automatically when they clock-in and clock-out on Knowify’s mobile app.
  • Create purchase orders from the office, allocate materials from your inventory, capture receipts and expenses using the mobile app, or sync in all your transactions from QuickBooks Online automatically.
  • Manage subcontracts on each job directly through Knowify, so you always know what work is yet to be completed, and what you can invoice for.
Accurate job costing reports

Powerful job cost data that helps you work smarter

Quickly drill-down into job cost data for an individual project, or zoom out and find trends in spending across all your projects over time.

  • See a real-time WIP report for every job, so you can understand real-time profitability, along with what your profitability is projected to be at the end of the job.
  • Compare individuals and crews across similar jobs to see which resources are most effective for certain types of jobs.
  • Easy-to-use reporting means you can quickly identify hidden costs in your business, and make changes that earn you more on every job.
View of our contract jobs page where you can see revenue, cost, and profitability for each job | Job costing | Knowify features
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Efficient construction accounting

Save hours with a powerful QuickBooks integration

Knowify’s QuickBooks integration was built in partnership with the team at Intuit to offer the most powerful user experience in the construction industry. 

  • Knowify is the only software that syncs with Projects in QuickBooks Online Advanced, for proper job costing without workarounds.
  • Bills, invoices, and expenses sync both ways, in real-time, and map directly to the correct project and project phase, in both QuickBooks Online & Knowify.
  • All of your products, vendors, and clients automatically sync between Knowify and QuickBooks Online, so you never have to enter data twice, and your team can work wherever they’re most comfortable.

Build your business with confidence

Take the pain out of your purchase order management process – try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience next-level business control and organization for yourself.

“I noticed I was way over budget and it didn’t make sense. So I looked into it further on Knowify, and discovered that my guys had done extra work.”

Matt Curatola
Founder, MPC Plumbing and Heating


What is construction job costing? 

Construction job costing is a financial management process that involves tracking and allocating all costs associated with a specific construction project. It includes labor, materials, equipment, and other expenses to calculate the total cost of completing the project. Job costing helps in monitoring and controlling expenses, budgeting, and ensuring the profitability of individual construction projects.

How do you calculate construction job costs? 

Knowify blends project management and financial management to make it far easier to calculate construction job costs. Instead of trying to track costs with manual tools like spreadsheets, time cards, paper purchase orders, equipment rental receipts, etc. Knowify’s tools collect job cost data while you work. 

Materials – Track costs by sending purchase orders to suppliers through Knowify. When you mark them fulfilled, your costs update automatically in your project budget. Similarly, build out your project plan and budget from your saved inventory of parts and services. When you complete a phase or mark supplies as used, your costs update accordingly. 

Labor – When your team clock-in and clocks-out with Knowify’s mobile app, your labor costs will update for that phase automatically. You can also enter time manually if you’d like, and we integrate directly or can import time data from third-party services. 

Equipment – Similar to labor, set up your equipment as a resource in Knowify with an hourly rate, and as you log equipment hours, your actual costs will update against your budget. 

Subcontractors – You can easily manage all of your subcontractors for a project or just a phase, and see what work has been done and what needs to be invoiced in one central location.