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Equipment management software

Keep track of every piece of equipment

Knowify’s equipment management lets you manage your equipment inventory, assign to specific departments, and track costs over time in a streamlined and organized way.

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Reliable equipment tracking

Keep track of your equipment no matter the quantity

Whether you’re managing a small team, or multiple teams of 30, your equipment is a significant investment you need to protect.

  • Track every piece of equipment with an easy-to-use platform you can access from anywhere.
  • Ensure your team is equipped with the tools and machines they need to do their work efficiently.
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Assign roles and departments to each piece of equipment

Know where each piece of equipment belongs

Always know where your equipment needs to go, and which team is responsible for it. 

  • Assign your machinery to specific departments or roles within your company to document ownership and responsibilities. 
  • Easily review assignments and where equipment is located so you know which piece belongs at which job site.  
Calculate true job-costs by adding in equipment costs

Rented or owned, track the cost of your equipment usage

Whether you rent or own your equipment, accounting for its cost is the only way to ensure proper job costing and accurate margins on every job. 

  • Ensure you’re properly tracking all incurred costs during a project by assigning an hourly rate for each piece of equipment whether it’s rented or owned. 
  • Never forget to track equipment costs as they’re automatically applied to the job and phase where you assign them. 

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“Knowify supports my goals and expectation to provide a superb customer experience for my clients.”

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Build your business with confidence

Add, assign, and properly track your equipment – try Knowify free for 14 days, and see how easy it is to keep your tools organized and your teams on task!


What is equipment management in construction? 

Equipment management is an umbrella term that covers acquiring, maintaining, scheduling, and disposing of equipment. Construction is a very broad industry, so equipment could mean everything from heavy machinery to trade-specific tools to standard equipment you might rent like a lift. 

The main goals of equipment management are to ensure your team has the equipment they need to complete a project efficiently and safely, control costs related to owning and renting equipment, and ensure equipment is well maintained.

How do you organize construction equipment?  

Your approach to organization will be unique to your business, but in general, Knowify recommends categorizing and tracking each piece of equipment, treating equipment as an employee with an hourly rate (covers usage of equipment, maintenance, depreciation, etc.), that’s assigned to a team and then scheduled to jobs or job phases. Maintain a record of hours used on the job site and track that actual cost against your budgeted cost.

What is equipment management software? 

Equipment management software helps you maintain an inventory of your equipment, track its usage on the job site, organize maintenance records, and allow you to schedule equipment to a job as needed.