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Contractor illustration to announce our latest product release | December updates | Knowify

Knowify updates – December 2023

Save time and get paid faster with our December update It’s the start of slow season for many contractors, but that doesn’t mean you need to slow down. Our December update is focused on saving you time on everyday tasks in Knowify. So you…

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Construction accounting
Picture of a 'WET PAINT' sign in a subway station | How to estimate a painting job | Knowify
How to estimate a painting job

An estimate assesses the probable total cost of an upcoming project. An effective estimate accomplis…

Illustration of a painting contractor | Maximizing profitability | Knowify
Maximizing profitability: Job costing tips for painting contractors

How do you know for certain that you’re growing your painting company the right way? It’s a tough qu…

Picture of a construction site with crane | Construction financial statements 101 | Knowify
Construction financials 101: Understanding financial statements

Legendary NFL head coach Bill Parcells famously said, “you are what your record says you are.” Numbe…

Business management
Picture of an electrical outlet installed on a concrete wall | How to bid electrical jobs | Knowify
How to bid on electrical jobs

Matching exceptional decision-making with good old-fashioned elbow grease, electricians are a true m…

Picture of a construction site with an overlay of a dollar icon | How to use your line of credit | Knowify
How to use your line of credit more effectively as a subcontractor

Lines of credit (LOC) are crucial to a subcontractor’s financial health. With possible higher limits…

Picture of a contractor with his team meeting on the jobsite | 5 signs your team has an accountability problem | Knowify
5 signs your team has an accountability problem – and the simple hack to fix it

Being a contractor is not for the faint of heart. It’s natural to look at business challenges and bl…

Project execution
Picture of a construction site in the NYC | Making a construction schedule | Knowify
Making a construction schedule: Construction scheduling basics

In the construction industry, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring everything and everyone is i…

Abstraction of our documents section | Construction document management | Knowify
Construction document management: How to streamline your projects

Construction document management is a process for organizing, storing, and facilitating all relevant…

Abstraction of a blue print of a commercial project | Bid to win | Knowify
How to master the construction bidding process

Creating accurate, timely bids is one of the most essential components for any contracting or constr…

Team management
Smartphone frame with a construction site picture | How to use software to simplify labor management | Knowify
How to use software to simplify labor management

Experienced contractors are more likely to finish projects on-schedule and under-budget with a relia…

Smartphone frame overlaid on a construction site picture | 5 ways to get your team on board with new software | Knowify
5 ways to get your team on board with new software

Experts say it takes about 2 months to form a new habit. When it comes to implementing new technolog…

Sunset in a jobsite
5 ways to beat the heat on jobsites this summer

Lucky for us over at Knowify, we get to stay indoors in a cool, air conditioned space. We know, howe…

Construction news
Construction picture of a crane moving to the top of a building with messaging reading: '#NewYorkBuild 2023 Expo' | Knowify
New York Build

New York is hosting one of the largest construction and design events in the city next week: New Yor…

Aerial view of a construction job site with messaging reading: 'World of concrete #WOC2023' | Knowify
World of Concrete 2023

Concrete results you’ll see all year. World of Concrete 2023 starts its educational track toda…

Visual using icons for robotics, drones, analytics & project bidding software, safety app | ABC tech report | Knowify
ABC tech report: what contractors need to know

Released in September of 2022, the Associated Builders and Contractors released its latest tech repo…

Knowify logo icon in white over an orange background | Knowify

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