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Knowify top 5 productivity enhancers

Artwork representing a contractor in a NYC subway station | Knowify

When you are building your business, productivity is key. But that doesn’t have to mean countless hours in the office and at the job site. Knowify is designed to help you work smarter, not harder, so that you can maintain a healthy work-life balance while still achieving your goals. Below are five tips from our team to help you enhance your productivity.

1. Go paperless

Using Knowify’s electronic contracts and change orders, you will save plenty of time, not to mention paper. Our software will efficiently store all of your contracts and change orders for you in one centralized location, doing the organizational work for you. Plus, your customers will appreciate the speed, efficiency, and simplicity of the process. Put your days of rifling through old papers behind you, and embrace the ease of e-signatures.

2. Make the right choice when you invoice

Invoicing can be a huge hassle, particularly in the field of construction. Determining a fair percentage completion and producing an invoice clear enough for your clients to receive and review without confusion can be tricky. Traditional invoicing is notorious for being a huge time-sucker, and for eliciting angry phone calls from clients. With Knowify’s headache-free system, you will be able to get back to the work that really matters to you, and (mostly!) be able to avoid angry client calls.

AIA invoicing in particular can quickly become a huge mess. That’s why Knowify’s AIA-style invoicing system is among our most popular features for commercial contractors.

3. Stay mobile, stay productive

One of the most frustrating truths about contracting is that you cannot be in the office and at the job site at the same time. When you’ve got administrative work to do but are also eager to be present for a major installation, you end up having to work late—often really late! We have not invented a way for contractors to be in two places at once, but we do have a solution that comes pretty close. Our smartphone app allows you to receive text and picture updates from your employees at the job site and gives you the ability to send administrative and organizational updates to your team and your customers. The gap between the office and the job site just got a whole lot smaller.

4. Submittals made simple

Tracking submittals and their status often feels needlessly challenging. Knowify takes the hassle out of the task by seamlessly integrating all the information you need. With Knowify’s submittal feature, your project managers will be able to send submittals out for approval or receive/review submittals from your subcontractors. 

5. QuickBooks just got quicker

Knowify is designed to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks so that all your information is in one place. If you are using QuickBooks Online, you can use our industry-leading  bi-directional, real-time sync, and if you are using QuickBooks Desktop, we offer an integration for yearly Growth and Enterprise plans. It can be hard switching from one system to another, but we like to believe we make it easy. Just link your QuickBooks account with your Knowify account, and we will handle the rest.

And remember, when you are building your business, productivity is key.