The interactions between the office and the field are a major area of administrative friction for most construction companies. The process of generating time cards, field notes, jobsite pictures, etc, is often completely separate from the process of getting them into payroll or job records. Why? Wouldn’t it be better if the second a jobsite photo was taken it was uploaded into the job folder? Or that check in / check out timeclock records from your users mobile phones instantly updated the timecards and labor totals on your project plans?

Of course! That’s why Knowify developed its mobile app, with GPS-enabled clock in / clock out, purchasing, reimbursements, jobsite photos, field log notes, and other easy-to-use tools that integrate seamlessly with the rest of Knowify.

Knowify On the Go

Use a tablet to get full access to Knowify and run a 100% mobile business. You don’t need to be stuck in the office in front of your computer any longer.

Foreman Power

Knowify has foreman-specific features in case you don’t want your employees to track their own time. Let the foreman enter time for his crews or punch them in and out.

Know Where and What

With our GPS-enabled features, check the status of your crews even if they work all over the country.

Expenses And Reimbursement from the Store

No more gathering receipts. Submit purchases and reimbursements from your phone or let your crews do it.