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change order management software

Change orders simplified

With Knowify, your team can create, send, and approve change orders in a workflow that factors those changes into your project plan in real-time, while also invoicing clients.

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Easy, accurate change orders for subcontractors

professional-Looking change orders, approved in minutes

Quick approvals that keep your team on-schedule

Knowify helps you avoid the delays that hold up the traditional change order process. 

  • Knowify allows you to create a professional, branded change order in minutes, send it electronically to your client, and get notified the minute they sign off on it. 
  • Customize the change order to include crucial details like changes to project completion date, justification for the extra work being performed, and any other modifications from the original scope of work.
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Invoice and see project impact instantly

Bill clients accurately, and see how change orders affect profit

Knowify helps you understand the impact of change orders on a project’s financials without any delay. 

  • Approved change orders are automatically available for invoicing in the appropriate billing cycle.
  • Instantly see the additional work’s projected impact on your project costs and overall profit. 
Easily search change orders to avoid client disputes

A single source of truth for all change orders and financial data

Knowify gives you a single source of truth for all project details and financial data that’s always up to date, so you can answer questions about your business with just a few clicks and avoid messy client disputes about changes in scope.

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“Our guys in the field are using the app to communicate and send pictures, they’ll use the log part of Knowify if we’re missing change orders or need to send out change orders quickly.”

Shane Vork
Owner, Vork Brothers Painting

Build your business with confidence

Take the pain out of your purchase order management process – try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience next-level business control and organization for yourself.


What is a construction change order?

A construction change order is a document that is used to request or approve changes to the original scope of work in a construction project. This could include modifications to the design, materials, or schedule. Change orders are typically issued when unforeseen circumstances arise, such as unexpected site conditions or client requests for additional work. 

They are an important tool in managing construction projects as they help ensure that any changes are properly documented, communicated, and agreed upon by all parties involved.

How do you manage construction change orders?  

Managing change orders can be a messy process, that’s why clear and timely communication is crucial. It is important to accurately document all change orders, including the scope of work, cost implications, and any schedule adjustments. This helps to avoid confusion and disputes later on.

Before submitting or approving a change order, it is essential to carefully analyze its impact on the project’s budget and schedule. This allows for informed decision-making and minimizes the risk of cost overruns or delays. 

Negotiating the terms of a change order with the client or subcontractors may be necessary. Once agreed upon, the change order should be formally approved to ensure compliance and accountability.

How do you organize change orders? 

Change orders are an important part of project management, allowing for adjustments and modifications to the original scope of work and the costs associated with that work. To manage change orders effectively, Knowify recommends using construction management software that includes change order functionality. This allows you to organize change orders by project, build them quickly and attach important files like images and drawings, get them approved via e-signature, and have any cost changes accurately reflected in your project budget without delay. 

Why should a contractor keep a record of all change orders? 

Keeping a record of all change orders provides clear documentation of any modifications made during the course of a project. This helps avoid any confusion or disputes that may arise later.

Having a complete record of change orders can provide legal protection for the contractor. In case of any claims or disputes, the contractor can refer to the documented change orders as evidence of the agreed-upon modifications.

Most importantly, maintaining a record of change orders helps ensure financial accuracy. It helps the contractor keep track of any additional costs or adjustments to the project budget, ensuring that all parties are aware of any financial implications.

Construction project management software like Knowify makes it easy to organize and maintain a record of change orders for every project so you’re always covered.