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Daily logs

Stay on top of project progress with Daily Logs

Get detailed and consistent project updates with no extra input required. Automatically generated Daily Logs help keep your team in sync between the field and office and ensures all project stakeholders stay in the loop.

Partial view of a daily log displaying summary, weather, and progress on phases | Daily logs | Knowify

Project monitoring

Weather and resource tracking — Automatically capture info that’s crucial to project success, like total resource hours worked and daily weather conditions.

Phase tracking — Monitor and document the work completed down to the project phase. Understand exactly where your project stands at a glance.

Visual progress tracking — Include photos and visuals in your logs to validate completed work, maintain compliance with project owners, and improve team communication.

Partial view of a production tracking at a level phase with progress, comments, and pictures | Daily logs | Knowify
Mobile view of daily logs where the user can report resources on site by project on a daily basis | Daily logs | Knowify

Communication and collaboration

Team coordination — Add notes, tag team members, and share updates to ensure that everyone on site is prepared for the day ahead

Accessibility — Access your logs from anywhere, at any time. Whether on site or in the office, your project information is always at your fingertips

Edit and share — Show or hide individual comments or entire project phases from your Daily Logs. Download and share logs with team members or clients in just a few clicks.


Keep your team inspection-ready

With up-to-date and detailed logs, stay prepared for any inspections and adapt quickly to changes. Ensure compliance with industry standards and safety regulations through detailed, automated record-keeping.

Partial view of the notes section at project level with additional information, supporting documents, and log comments | Daily logs | Knowify

Keep jobs on-track

Knowify’s Daily Logs keep project managers and stakeholders in the loop without any extra data entry, so they can keep projects moving without interruption. Give your team the tools they need to succeed, and start realizing more organized and profitable projects for your business today.


How are daily logs generated automatically?

Knowify is an end-to-end project management software. That means everyone from your office manager to your PMs, labor, bookkeeper, and accountant can all work together on a single platform. As your team works in Knowify, the information is automatically organized and summarized in a concise daily log.

Can I log safety incidents and other important notes on daily logs?

By leaving comments in the ‘Log’ section of any project, you can leave notes and comments for specific project phases, and designate them as being related to safety, deficiency, or activity.

Can I access daily logs from my mobile device?

Yes, daily logs are fully mobile-responsive, meaning you can view, edit, and share them from any device with a web browser.

Can I share daily logs with my GC or clients?

Daily Logs can be downloaded in PDF format for easy sharing with GCs, clients, or any other project stakeholders. There’s also a handy shareable link if you want to share a specific log with someone who has Knowify access already.

What kind of information do Knowify’s daily logs capture?

Daily logs capture project activity as it happens in the web or mobile app. Resources hours on-site (labor and equipment), phase status, phase progress, photos, comments, documents, and weather on the job site each day are all automatically captured.