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Keep your inventory organized

Effective parts inventory management

Knowify’s parts inventory management tools keep you organized by letting you easily build a repository of your parts, allocate them to jobs, and see how they’re being used in real-time.

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Inventory tracking made easy

Keep track of your parts no matter where you are

Your construction business likely has different teams working in different areas, all taking parts from one place — that can get messy. Knowify makes it simple. 

  • Create an inventory of all of your parts, see quantity and stock levels, and even search by name, number, or tag. 
  • Know exactly what’s in stock, and when levels are running low and you need to reorder.
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No more guessing how much you have left

Know as soon as parts are used in the field

Having an inventory of all your parts is one thing, but the real key is knowing when something is used. Knowify automates this process for you. No need to consolidate reports at the end of the day, just sit back and watch it happen.

  • Parts management through Knowify gives your team the power to assign parts to jobs, and select the quantity they are using, as they are using it.
  • On your end, you’ll see that part’s stock level adjust in your inventory as you use it.
See which phases, projects, and crews could use more attention

Improve on inefficiencies

It’s easy to think of your parts as a common cost of doing business and a simple expense, but sometimes your team’s usage might not be optimal.

  • See which parts are being used by specific teams, on specific jobs and phases.
  • Understand where your cost centers are, and take steps to improve your project-level profitability.

Project costs for a phase broken down by materials, labor, subcontactors, equipment & miscellanea | Resource center | Construction accounting | Knowify

“I also love that I can send purchase orders directly from Knowify so in that way, I can use it as an inventory tool for our stock lumber.”

Stacy L.

Source: G2 Crowd

Build your business with confidence

Parts inventory management is just one of the ways to Knowify helps you manage your business without jumping from site to site – try Knowify free for 14 days, and experience the difference for yourself!


What is construction inventory? 

In construction, inventory refers to the materials, tools, and equipment needed to complete a job. 

How do you track construction inventory? 

Tracking inventory for a contracting business can be as simple or as complex as you make it. You can use software, spreadsheets, paper systems, or do a simple visual inspection. The more detailed you are with inventory tracking, the better you’ll control costs for your business and complete projects on budget. 

For this reason, Knowify recommends using software to create a catalog of your parts, equipment, and tools and track their use on a per project basis.

What is inventory cost in construction? 

Inventory cost in construction refers to the expenses associated with storing and managing construction materials and equipment. These costs can include the purchase price of the materials, transportation and handling costs, storage fees, insurance, and any losses or damages incurred. 

Managing inventory effectively is crucial for construction projects to ensure that materials are readily available when needed, minimize the risk of theft or damage, and control costs. By accurately estimating and tracking inventory costs, construction companies can make informed decisions and optimize their resources to complete projects efficiently and within budget.