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How software makes an HVAC business paperless

Chaney Mechanical

HVAC | Oklahoma City, OK

Chaney Mechanical is an Oklahoma-based business owned and operated by Clint Chaney. The company specializes in commercial HVAC jobs and has installed air conditioners for hundreds of businesses in Oklahoma, including Costco. Chaney Mechanical aims to communicate efficiently with customers and to consistently provide quality workmanship.

Picture of Denielle and Clint Chaney | Chaney Mechanical | Knowify case study

Knowify fav

AIA-style billing system


  • Going paperless
  • Making working remotely more efficient
  • Cutting down time on billing

Top features

  • Time tracking
  • AIA-style billing
  • Job progress overview

Billing time was killing time

Before Clint started using Knowify, he and his colleagues relied on QuickBooks Desktop and TSheets for their billing, accounting, and budgeting needs. Clint remembers that he used to have to clear out an entire day in his schedule in order to sort out tickets and organize bills. Because Clint’s employees work remotely, he was also eager to eliminate paper in order to help his business function more efficiently. He tried to modify QuickBooks Desktop’s software in order to accommodate his billing needs and found that it complicated rather simplified his business. “In our attempt to go semi-paperless,” he says, “we’d snap a picture of the job and attach it to the TSheets. It was very time-consuming doing it that way, and it wasn’t paperless at all.”

“Knowify helps. In terms of time-tracking, it works better for us than TSheets did. It’s great to not have to save the tickets or email them, and to instead be able to send them to the correct job when it’s time to bill. It’s much better than anything we’ve ever had before.”

clint chaney

Chaney embraces change

When Clint discovered Knowify, he and his wife, Denielle, who manages Chaney Mechanical‘s accounts, were unsure whether the software was right for them. They’d been relying on QuickBooks Desktop for several years and would have to switch to QuickBooks Online if they were going to sync their data with Knowify. Clint admits that he wishes he’d grown accustomed to QuickBooks Online before bringing Knowify into the mix in order to ease the adjustment. “If we had been using QuickBooks Online first, it would have been a much smoother transition,” he says.

Knowify’s support team was there to help Clint get used to his new, modernized mode of business-running. The team answered any questions he had about the product and taught him to navigate Knowify’s features so that he could utilize them to the best of his ability. Clint appreciated the guidance, which alleviated any frustrations he might have had adjusting to a new system. “If the support wasn’t good, I would have dropped out of Knowify.”

And once Clint and his team did get used to Knowify, they found that things at Chaney Mechanical were running more smoothly than ever. These days, Clint can’t imagine blocking out a whole day to focus on billing, let alone an hour. “The AIA billing feature is amazing,” he says. “It’s something that used to take me eight hours, but I can do it in virtually eight minutes now.”

An HVAC business that’s hotter than ever

Clint and his colleagues have been using Knowify for a year and a half now, and it’s hard for them to imagine relying on their old systems to run their business. The job progress card on Knowify’s dashboard has helped them keep track of tasks, both completed and in-progress, in a way that was not possible when they relied exclusively on QuickBooks Desktop. Clint has also gotten tremendous use out of the feature on the dashboard that displays bidding opportunities; being updated on the number of bids and change orders available and the opportunity value of each helped him better understand his business. Additionally, Knowify has made change orders, a task that previously consumed much of Clint’s time, a cinch.

Today, Chaney Mechanical is thriving, heating and cooling businesses all around Central Oklahoma. Whether he’s doing HVAC work for a superstore like Costco or a small local shop, Clint knows he’s the right man for the job because of his business’s modernity, efficiency, and productivity. He thanks Knowify for that. “I simply can’t run a business as efficiently without Knowify,” Clint says.

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