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How software can help you keep your team in sync

Serett Metalworks

Metalworks | Brooklyn, NY

Founded in 1997, Serett Metalworks is the culmination of Joshua Young’s combined experience in construction, mechanical engineering and architecture. Joshua leads a creative team composed of diverse and skilled individuals that infuse their own talent and character into each project. Serett works with a full range of metals and other materials and has a broad spectrum of knowledge and skill sets, from 18th Century blacksmithing to modern technologies. Serett specializes in making exquisite helix staircases that reflect the artistry and passion of Serrett’s team. Their adaptability to clients’ needs and flexibility around job-specific factors has made Serett one of the top metalworking contractors in the NY region.

Picture of Josh Young | Serett Metalworks | Knowify case study

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Mastering the art of communication

Kristin, Serett Metalworks’ Office Manager, was determined to find a modern solution to the communication, organization, and transparency issues that Serett was experiencing. As a company known for creating custom metal sculptures, fixtures, and of course, their impressive helical staircases, it is not surprising that Serett finds exceptional significance in the art of communication. Communicating efficiently, seamlessly, as well as professionally, both internally and externally is a high priority for Kristin and her team. A modern, cloud-based software with a user-friendly interface was also a crucial element when finding the right solution.

“The thing I love about Knowify is that it’s brought all the people in the business onto one platform. The transparency about what’s going on in the shop, in the office, on the floor, it’s all right there.”

Kristin Kunc

Finding the value

Kristin was introduced to Knowify and found it to be “transformative”. Whether it’s invoicing a client, sending messages to her team, or tracking labor costs, she loves being able to see everything clearly in a single place. “The thing I love about Knowify is it has brought all the people in the business onto one platform. The transparency about what’s going on in the shop, in the office, on the floor, it’s all right there.”

When it comes to invoicing, Kristin says, “Knowify has changed our life, hands down. Before you had to do a little bit of digging to find out who owed on invoices, who didn’t owe invoices. Now I just open up one tab and I have this, this and this happening. Our bookkeeper loves the way it syncs with QuickBooks.”

Internal communication has been improved as well. Switching from using paper timesheets to Knowify time tracking allowed Kristin to see how much time her team was truly spending on projects. “Everyone would say oh yeah I worked 8 hours a day or maybe 8 and a half. And as soon as they started clocking in through Knowify we were finding that these guys are working 7 hours, sometimes 6 – they’re not showing up at 8:30, 9 o’clock, these guys are showing up at 9:45am.” When employees are being paid by the hour the difference of a whole 60 minutes per employee each day becomes pretty significant.

Extra credits

While saving money on labor costs and being able to more efficiently invoice was very beneficial to Kristin’s business, she found even more ways that Knowify could help her business become more profitable. Kristin is able to close more bids, keep better track of terms in her contracts, and play more roles in the office as just one person.

Kristin loves the convenience of being able to look up past bids on the spot. “What’s really great about Knowify is we would have files and files of bids we used to send out and now it’s like, ‘Oh you called 6 months ago about what project? What’s the name of the project?’ and I type that in and it pops right up. I don’t have to file a thousand bids that may not go anywhere.”

Having all of her information in one platform also allows her to keep better track of her contracts. “It helps us stay true to what we originally signed off on – rather than kind of tracking it in an email – because before it was a lot of these contract negotiations were tracked just via email.”

Knowify allows Kristin to wear many hats in the office, “I can do the job of accounts payable, accounts receivable, it sort of streamlines a lot of jobs to just one person,” as well as manage her roles between work and home. If needed, Kristin can work from home, allowing her to take care of her son when he is home from school. Kristin loves the work-life balance that Knowify has helped create for her. “I can do it all from one system – I don’t have to be in the office.”

We are so thrilled to be able to provide the modern solution that Kristin needed to help Serett operate and communicate more fluidly. We look forward to being a part of their extended team as they continue to transform New York with their incredible architectural metalwork!

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