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Construction Client Portal for contractors

Keep your customers informed

Knowify’s customizable client portal keeps your clients in the loop, avoiding costly delays and miscommunications, while building a positive experience from start to finish. 

Visual with three people and an abstraction of messages | Customer communications | Knowify features

Everything in one user-friendly, central location

Knowify’s client portal keeps your customers in the loop, and helps your brand stand out as professional and transparent. One click takes your client to an interactive project hub that includes your company logo, project information, and file sharing of key documents like contracts, invoices, and change orders.

Streamline your project workflow and client communications

Share project progress with clients in real-time

Knowify’s client portal is directly connected to all of its project management and accounting functionality, so you can focus on project execution, and let automation handle sharing documents with your clients. 

  • As your team completes key milestones, your client will see progress made without any further action needed from you. 
  • Add all important project documents like invoices, change orders, and contracts to the portal so your clients can easily reference them.
  • Set permissions for clients and choose when your portal link expires, so you keep full control over who sees what.
View of the client portal displaying contract progress | Customer communications | Knowify features
Abstraction of an invoice and closeup of tracking their status in Knowify | Invoicing and payments | Knowify features
Hassle-free payment for you clients

Get paid on time, without surprises

Processing invoices and sending out payment reminders can be a messy process. Knowify makes it easy. 

  • No need to chase down clients or sift through emails. Bill for projects as you go, and automatically send payment reminders for overdue invoices. 
  • Maintain a strong cash flow for future projects by getting paid quickly and easily. 

“Knowify supports my goals and expectation to provide a superb customer experience for my clients.”

Erin Polson

Owner, Polson Painting

Build your business with confidence

Jump in and set up your own customer portal with Knowify – try it free for 14 days, and see how better customer relationships can help you win repeat business!