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Knowify keeps it easy for you

Diagram showing the interaction between the different modules and actors in Knowify | Knowify

We are very proud of the simplicity and ease-of-use we have achieved with Knowify. Though many business processes are by their nature quite complex, the reality is that that complexity does not have to be the user’s problem. In short: we have tried to capture the complexity in our business process software so that you do not have to worry about it on your end. Look at the diagram above—that is a highly simplified overview of all the work Knowify does for you behind the scenes. That is why Knowify is able to deliver the productivity benefits it does—because it seamlessly connects all of these business processes with only (very carefully thought out) minimal input from the user.

Have you ever had to go back and re-read a contract to ensure you are billing for your employees’ time correctly? Have you had to drop receipts or purchases orders into a filing cabinet to ensure that they get passed through the client—and, with luck, have the appropriate markup applied? Have you ever had a vendor’s invoice hit your desk and wondered: “What is this for? Who ordered this? Why are we spending so much money on [insert item]?” Knowify provides tools to handle all of these issues. Better yet, Knowify’s advanced project management module will bring all of your purchasing, contract, and time entry data together to give you visibility on the status and health of your projects, and will provide you and your employees with communication and collaboration tools to ensure that your projects get completed on-time and on-budget.

Twenty-first century business is competitive. Your competitors, especially larger ones, are embracing technology to get an edge. It is time to level the playing field: sign today and try Knowify for free. Let us know what business you are in to get started.