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Get paid faster

Online payments

Knowify has partnered with leading payments companies to offer you electronic payments directly in your Knowify account. Setup and authorization is a breeze, with new Knowify users typically approved to begin receiving credit card payments within a single week. After being approved, you’ll be able to include a payment link with any invoice you sent out, and your client will be able to fill out the payment form and pay you in minutes. And don’t worry: Knowify’s payments infrastructure uses powerful encryption technology to keep your customers safe.


Send electronic payment links with any of your invoices


Collect credit card and e-check/ACH payments


Accelerate your cash collection cycle

Adding payment link to invoice email before sending to customer | Online payments | Knowify
A better way to get paid

Payments one click away

Any time you want to send an invoice, you will have the option of including a payment link. Don’t want to pay credit card fees? That’s OK: you can offer an ACH-only payment link, with a very low flat-fee per transaction. Once your customer receives the invoice via email, they will only need to click the payment link and fill in their usual details, and the payment will be on its way!

Fast and easy setup

Getting going with online payments

You may have looked into online payments in the past and been overwhelmed by the administrative process involved. Worry no more. Knowify’s partners have taken most of the hassle out of getting a new payments account up and running. Once you tell Knowify customer support that you’d like to offer payments, you will only have to fill out a few forms and our partners will take care of the rest. You won’t believe how easy it is, and (usually) in less than a week you’ll be able to start collecting electronic payments for your business.

Strong and reliable partners

We partner both with Square and PaySimple.

Experience the Knowify difference

Meet a Knowify product expert on a video screenshare, where you’ll get help setting up your trial account, get your questions answered, and ensure you’re set up for success with Knowify.