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Knowify launch

Say “hello” to Knowify!

Simply put, we believe that Knowify is the most powerful collection of business management tools available to small and medium sized businesses today. Knowify helps you manage all of your critical business processes, and ties them together in ways that make your life much easier. Never again have your bookkeeper ask you to check a contract for billing rates. Say good-bye to the days of the “mystery invoices” from your vendors. No more worrying about the status of a project or who-will-be-doing-what-when. Your business will finally have a chance to enjoy “big company” technology power, but in an easy-to-use, affordable package built from the ground up for small and medium businesses.

Lastly, since we know that so many small and medium businesses use QuickBooks for accounting, we made sure that Knowify could integrate with your QuickBooks, if you would like it to do so. But unless you are a sole proprietor with extensive accounting knowledge, running a business with accounting software is kind of like running a marathon in hiking boots—you can do it, but that is not what they are made for. Best, we think, to let accountants do accounting, and to let the “business” side of your business deal with tools that were designed to increase the productivity of your employees, improve your visibility as a manager, and help your business grow.

You might think we are exaggerating—but give Knowify a chance in your own business today, and we are confident you will see the power Day 1. If you are curious but not quite ready to give it a try, we would love to answer any questions you might have. Just contact us.

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General demonstration

This 8-minute video shows different features available in Knowify that can help you run a more efficient and professional contracting business.