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Knowify QBO

Illustration about our integration with QuickBooks | Knowify

As part of our December “Integration Month” series, we would like to introduce you to some of the integrations we’ve built to help our contractors connect their Knowify to useful services in a seamless way. From short-term funding to electronic payments to zapier-mediated CRM connections, we are putting a lot of effort into trying to help our users run their businesses more efficiently and get the most out of their Knowify experience. We’d like to begin the series with our very first integration, which remains our most important one: Intuit’s QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

Knowify <> QuickBooks Online

As you are probably well aware, Intuit’s QuickBooks line of products dominates small business accounting. There is hardly an accountant in America that isn’t familiar with QuickBooks, and the vast majority of our contractors use QuickBooks for their businesses. Why put so much time into the integration? Simple. We know that everyone hates entering the same data twice, and there are definitely a lot of data overlaps between Knowify and QuickBooks (more below); more importantly, we know that in small contracting businesses owners and office managers wear multiple hats—so time spent double-entering data means time NOT spent bidding new jobs, hiring new employees, and growing your business…

We never want Knowify to be an impediment to you growing your business!

So, what have we done? We built the most comprehensive, two-way sync with QuickBooks Online of any software package in the world.

That’s a big claim.

Bi-directional sync with QuickBooks Online

We sync bi-directionally across all the major areas of QBO and Knowify: clients, vendors, items, expenses, and payments. We will send time and invoice data from Knowify to QBO. We will pull employees, basic Company information, and other things from QuickBooks. We also have a detailed Knowify-to-QBO mapping system available in our “QuickBooks” sync management module, allowing you to set up a very basic sync based just on high-level categories (all invoices go to Sales!) or a very detailed sync where each cost code billed in Knowify is sent to QBO tagged with that item, and further tagged with a QuickBooks Class for the type and location of the job. This is just one example; we do this similar thing in other areas of the integration. At the end of the day, we want business management and financial management to be seamless, since we believe wholeheartedly that it takes good processes on both sides to help businesses become the best versions of themselves. As we’ve always said, know your business, grow your business!

For more information, please check out the YouTube video below: