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What does e-signature means? #

E-Signature is an electronic signature, which, under statutes in the United States, Canada, and many other countries throughout the world, are as legally-enforceable as wet-ink signatures. When you e-sign a document, you are committing to it to the same extent as if it were a paper copy you were signing with a pen.

Also known as: Electronic signature, Online approval

How e-signature works? #

A contractor sends a contract to their client via a platform like Knowify, Adobe, or Docusign, each of which gives the client the ability to electronically sign the contract (in a legally binding way). Paper-wasting printouts and ink signatures are no longer needed!

E-signature in Knowify #

E-signature is available for bids and change orders. A digital response/acceptance process is also available for RFIs and submittals.